Maddy and puppies (week 6c)

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Nurse On Deck
Lunch break on the deck
Maddy loves to be on the deck, the advantage of 5 hungry puppies.

The deck.
The pups have now assumed the deck is part of the house. In the beginning they would carefully approach the open kitchen door and slowly move outside. This is no longer the case. They RUN in and out, as if it all belongs to them (which it does).
A friendly "puppy fairy" brought a nice soft out-door carpet to cover the boards, and that really adds to the comfort for those little paws. It's like a race-track now.

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Puppies In Box
This box was on it's way to the dumpster, but scared the puppies, so it was placed on the floor for them to familiarize with it.
Well, look at them now!

More out-side time
Not only can the door stay open to the deck all day, but the puppies have been able to get in the back yard every day several times a day
They are now pretty good at "loading up" in the crate, to go down, but very impatient. They want out in that grass NOW.
They are showing the same growing confidence outside as they did on the deck, and they run and tumble around in the grass, tasting it all, grass, little sticks, leaves, the wood fence and dirt.
Some of them are even starting to dig at the edges of the fence, a real "doggy-thing". Of other doggy-things, they love to run and play in the sun, then take little breaks in the shade, drink some water, which they just learned how to do, and roll in the grass, just because it feels good, when you're a real dog.
After about an hour at a time, they all curl up and go to sleep. The out-doors trips really gives them a lot of exersice and they seem to sleep a lot sounder after the trips.

Puppy stuff
The potty training is still ongoing. Some of the puppies have understood the concept better than others, but it does seem like they all try. IF they have time to think, that is.
They look to go either on the piddle pads or on the newspapers, and now we have added the "outside concept" which also should improve things.
The puppies had their second worming this week, and have shown no signs that they needed it, and no signs of reacting to the treatment.
They are all learning that humans are fun playmates, and they all look up human company for play, and for comfort when they are tired.

all 7 outside
Break-time in the shade
All 7 "little big dogs" enjoying the out-doors, hanging out in the shade, before "next round" of play.

Settling down
Time to go back inside
Last round for now is over, and they are settling down. Time to load up for a nap in the kitchen.

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Arapahoe run outside
Arapahoe runs
"This just feels so good and I can run so fast".

Cheyenne stand outside
Cheyenne taking it all in
"Wow, this is really BIG".

Shoshone ball outside
Shoshone finds a ball
"Cool, they have these out here too".

Shawnee run outside
Shawnee runs
"Look at me go".

Sioux leaf outside
Sioux tastes the leaves
"Yummy, this stuff is so good".

3 pups on deck
Fun on deck
so much room to RUN.

4 pups play on deck
Playtime on deck
"What a great place to play".

Puppy fun outside
Puppies play in grass
So many smells, so much to see, and such nice weather.

Arapahoe sit outside
Arapahoe sits back
"Ok, I'll do a sneak attack here any minute".

Cheyenne run outside
Cheyenne runs
"I can run SOO fast on this stuff".

Shoshone on board
Shoshone take an over-look
"Wow all this is too much fun".

Shawnee with stick
Shawnee finds stick
This is a typical Farm Dog, nothing's too big, and she's running off with it.

Sioux bowl flipped
Sioux with water bowl
"Who's that puppy in there?".

Maddy Arapahoe stick
Maddy and Arapahoe
"Ok boy, here's how you do this".

Shawnee grab bowl
Shawnee grabs water bowl
"Hey, how come this bowl i empty now?".

Cheyenne roll in grass
Rolling in the grass
"Feels so good to be a real dog".