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Pups Sleep On Floor
5 tired puppies "crashed"
Puppies play so hard now, they drop in random "odd" places.

Working Dogs
To make a little point of that these puppies are of the working dog family, we want to give a little space to our 2 adult girls, Maddy and Kikka.
They both go to "work" 1 x 1 hour or 2 x 1 hr every day, practicing their obedience exercises. At this point in time they work both separate and together, but one of the things Kikka has "caught up with", and works alongside Maddy on, is the handsignals.
Now they can work synchronized and even take each their command at the same time.
The first 4 pictures show an example of how they work this. The point in this obedience exercise is, that they are not supposed to change position on the ground, from where they start, they have to stay in the exact same spot during the changes of positions.
We think they do quite well, and they are cute working together, almost competing with each other to do the best job.

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The ultimate "break out" week.
The only time the puppies are really contained is a night, when they sleep in the big whelping box. Only puppies don't sleep all night, and now that they know, there is "something" outside the box, they managed to escape the box to explore and play in the dark.
That was the right time to pull the inside ledges out of the box.
As predicted it only kept them in another night, then they all figured out, how to get over the box's 8" sides. These puppies do not want to be contained!
The solution was a puppy safe play area around the box, fenced in at night. This is NOT efficient for the puppies in their oppinion, and they express that VERY loudly at any given time during the night, when they want out to play.
Maddy has wisely moved her "sleeping quarters" to the humans' bed, where she simply crawls deeper under the covers, when the pups demand out at night.
Smart mama dog!

Boys down Kikka
Boys gang up on Kikka
Kikka sure plays the part as the nanny very well, the boys "took her down" by combined effort.

Behind Chair
Puppies overwhelm Maddy for milk
This time they "caught her" hiding behind a chair. Guess it was feeding time anyway.

The games they play
This week the puppies no longer limit their play to each other and Kikka. EVERYTHING is a potential toy now, and nothing seems too big to attempt moving.
They drag their blankets and sleeping rags around, we had to hide shoes, the rugs of the house are "subjects" and the newspapers and piddle pads no longer get to stay where they were placed.
Pups are testing their strength and also starting to show a "glimse" of simply being "testy" to see, how wild the games can become and to "top" each other in ideas for new games.
When they play with each other, they are rough and bite and jerk until the oponent yupps in pain. This is how they learn the strength and acceptable limits in their jaws and teeth.

3 butts cookie cabinet
3 puppy butts
This might seem odd, but when knowing that this very cabinet contains dog cookies, it's really quite logic and a great wittness to the noses on these little dogs.

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Kennel Little Denmark

Maddy Kikka Stand
Stand, Stay
Girls "set off" at stand command.

Maddy Kikka Down
Handsignal and word: "Down".

Maddy Kikka Sit
Handsignal and word: "Sit".

Maddy St Kikka dwn
Maddy Stand, Kikka down
Each given different hand and word command. None of them has moved an inch, since the start.

Arapahoe playing tug-of-war
"I think I have the long end on this one".

Cheyenne play with toy
She did lift it up and run away with it, of course when the camera said "full".

Shoshone is tired
"If I'm going down, I'm taking this toy with me".

Shawnee bath mat
Shawnee re-interior decorating
"I think you should move this bath mat slightly this way".

Sioux cuddle
Sioux took a walk-about
She found the "cozy corner" in the office.

Arapahoe shirt
Arapahoe re-organizing
"Hey, I'm moving this rag out of the way".

Cheyenne butt
Cheyenne found cookie cabinet
"I smell something in here, that smells so good".

Shoshone Bag
Tasting carry-on bag
"I think this thing should be eat-able".

Shawnee rope
Shawnee with toy
"I won the tug-of-war, see ya".

Sioux move sleeping quarters
"I'm bringing this blanket with me".