Maddy and puppies (week 5a)...

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pups in crate
The new hang-out.
In the breaks between playing the puppies like to snuggle into a small crate.

Moving day
In week 5 the puppies have moved out of the whelping box period, and only stay in it at night. Now is the time to really learn about life.
First time they were relocated to the kitchen and living room, they were allowed one trip back to sleep in the whelping box, after that,they didn't need it anymore.
Now a puppy crate is their "safe" and R & R hang-out.
Their lives has changed with the surroundings, and the wish to explore, learn, taste, play has no limit now. The sounds and commosion of TV, kitchen machines and people moving around is now and forever a part of every day life.

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Number 2 "big event".
Also at the beginning of week 5 a new family member was "added" to the pups' lives.
Kikka's eyes now see "little dogs", and no longer "prey". She "moved in" with the puppies to the rest of the house, and now plays the part as the caring and gentle aunt.
The puppies are learning that not every dog has milk, but then they must be for "some other kind of use". They challenge and play with Kikka as if she's a "toy" and take her as the most expected thing in this world. No-one has showed any kind of apprehension towards Kikka, rather the opposite. The trust and confidence is amazing.
This "toy" has come to stay!

PupsMaddy in Crate
Lunch time in the kitchen
Nothing like a meal in the kitchen, just like the "real dogs" get it.

Matemathical challenge
How to fit 5 growing puppies and one Mama dog into the same small crate.

"Chicken Dogs"?
One toy, a yellow stuffed chicken, seems to have special interest. Maybe they really ARE "Danish Chicken dogs"?

Another meal in the kitchen
well, they might be "independant big dogs" now, but they are not THAT independant!

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Arapahoe with a new toy
"I'm going to take this with me somewhere".

Cheyenne making desicions
"All right, where was I now?".

Shoshone kills chicken
"Allright, I've got you now".

Shawnee letting it happen
"Ok, just do what you need to do".

Sioux looking for tail
"Hey, get up now so I can grab that tail of yours".

Arapahoe making the bed
"Hey guys, it's break time, bed's made".

Cheyenne skating
"Boy this floor is slick".

Shoshone exploring
"Ok, let's get this place jumping".

Shawnee at a rare moment
This puppy doesn't really ever stand still.

Sioux Stub Butt wrestling
"I've got you down now".

Arapahoe learns dog/shoe
"Wow, these shoes are like made for me".

Cheyenne "chicken dog"
"Hey guys, I got the chicken".

"We really have him now".

Shawnee "chicken dog"
"Ok you chicken, you're dead".

Sioux Chicken
Sioux Stub Butt "chicken dog"
"Allright you chicken, I've had it with you".