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PupsOut ofCrate
Coming out of the crate.
Puppies literally floating around.

The age 5 weeks photo-shoot
The puppies are almost on their feet, but still "sloppy", and they are most certainly too busy to even consider standing long enough in one spot for a picture.
Consequently the best pictures we could "snap" are the ones showed. There is one of each from the side and one of each from the front.

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The puppies 5 weeks old.
This week the puppies have spent getting familiar and comfortable with their new large world. They now know their way around various rooms, and constantly expand their play area as new areas get to feel "safe".
The weather has only allowed one trip outside, but trusting the forecasts, this coming week will encourage more of that. Maddy has kept a lot to herself this week, only appearing before the puppies, when she believes it is time for food. They are very rough with her, and their teeth are visibly bothering her. She takes her "cleaning rounds" and cares for all the puppies the same, but she leaves the "nanny work" to Kikka.
Towards the end of this week, Maddy has started playing a little with the puppies every now and then. She will continue and increase this, in order to bring them up and teach them some "proper puppy behavior".
Arapahoe is more calm than Shoshone. When that's said, he does not step back for a "duel", unless Shoshone gets really rough, then he leaves. He has started expressing his opinion when he doesn't get his way and he obviously likes to hear himself do this. He has been big on sleeping this week, and he approaches new things and unknown areas with a very careful attitude. He is an absolute people-lover and a charmeur who likes to cuddle and have single attention.
Shoshone Shoshone is a blast of energy, and can't seem to get enough of himself. He likes to be every-where and play "tough and rough", but when people mama comes around, he's all love, belly-rubs and kisses. He is big on eating (he's the biggest pup) and often lets Maddy drag him across the floor, when she tries to escape his sharp teeth, obviously he finds it fun. Very out-going and "here I come" attitude and very "boy-ish".
Cheyenne should no longer be labeled "calm". She is also a ball of energy and it is not possible to her make pose for pictures. She goes from "on" at 100mph to "off" and deep sleep in less than a second. She is a people love and a cuddle and likes to have single attention, but when something is going on, she's "gotta go" and check it out. She steals Maddy's dry-food nuggets and swallows them, without chewing. Keeping an eye on this now.
Shawnee is the ultimate in puppy-hood. Nothing is serious in this girls' life, everything is play, fun, silly, wild and then sleep. She can still be in several locations at once, and she "takes on" Shoshonoe a lot, regardless she's a little girl. Shawnee and Cheyenne wrestle quite seriously at times, and Shawnee likes to demonstrate her speed in running to and from the others. And fast she is (faster than any of them), and hard to keep track of. She likes to be the first one to be greeted by people, and she likes to be cuddled, the only thing that seems to calm her down.
Sioux Stub Butt has also picked up speed. She is the biggest girl, and flexes between being quite mature for her age, to being an abolutely silly little puppy. She LOVES toys and is very good at entertaining herself with a toy, and she likes to play with Kikka a lot. Sioux is really good at putting Shoshone in his place if he gets too rough, and she can run a LOT faster than him, making it impossible for him to keep up. She loves to get people attention and to go to sleep while held. She has a careful attitude, when introduced to new and unknown things.

4 pups play
A multi-puppy game
All join in on the same game.

The litter at 5 weeks.
This week has been big on adventures and new things introduced. The puppies are 100% using the piddle pads at night, when in the box, BUT when out and about, it's not always they have time to consider where they "go".
They are all getting quite good within the kitchen though, and they seem to prefer to go in the corner on the newspapers, rather than the piddle pads.
They all come running when called, addressed all as one with "puppies, puppies", and they jump up on legs to get attention, all wagging tails. When they come across the kitchen floor it sounds like a bunch of little drumsticks being tapped on the floor.
Lots of little behaviors of an adult dog are starting to show, they "practice" growing up. They are all very loving, happy, outgoing and active. Good signs of healthy pups.

pup eat 5 wks
Maddy still sticks around for the meals
It is beginning to show that the 5 sets of puppy teeth are rough on Maddy, but she still feeds them several times a day.

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Arapahoe ST 5wks
Arapahoe 5 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 9 5/8 oz (1635 grams).

Cheyenne ST 5wks
Cheyenne 5 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 1 3/8 oz (1402 grams).

Shoshone ST 5wks
Shoshone 5 weeks old
Now 4 lbs 1 7/8 oz (1871 grams).

Shawnee ST 5wks
Shawnee 5 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 3 oz (1445 grams).

Sioux ST 5wks
Sioux's 5 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 12 5/8 oz (1722 grams).

Arapahoe 5wks sit
Arapahoe sitting
A charmeur, but doesn't step back for a good fight with brother and sisters.

Cheyenne 5 wks sit
Cheyenne sitting
It almost shows...she does not have time to pose for pictures.

Shoshone 5 wks sit
Shoshone sitting
A ball of fire and a little lover.

Shawnee 5 wks front
Shawnee front
There had to be 30 pictures before there was one she didn't move in.

Sioux 5 wks sit
Sioux Stub Butt sitting
Sioux just waiting to get the toy she's looking up at.