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7 FarmDogs
A family of 7
To Kikka's great regret, she can't feed the puppies, but she can clean them up,
while they are eating.

Big explorers
Every day the puppies are gaining confidence. There has been so many new things happening, and so much learned, that there is so many stories.
To tell as much as possible, as brief as possible, some of the "views" into the pups' World of week 5, have been gathered in this gallery.
Click to see the pictures, and to follow the adventures.

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The BIG outdoors.
At age 4 1/2 weeks, the puppies are being very curious and exploring the entire house, gaining self confidence by the minute, and hunger for more new and fun adventures.
On a nice, sunny, warm day (we have those in WY), it was time to introduce the "outside" concept. The boys and girls were ready, and weather allowed a little "field trip"
Once the crate was opened, the puppies came out one by one, and ALL their little noses were smelling all the new surroundings. The grass was examined, tasted and peed on, and it just felt so right to be a dog outside.
So many impressions, smells and the entire trip have a great impact on such young puppies, they took it all in, started moving around and playing, and then in just 15 minutes, the little adventurers were tired.
Weather allowing, they will be outside every day from now on, for little trips, and the time spent outside will be gradually increased.

Kikka is quite the aunt
There is always room for one more puppy.

Quiet time in the kitchen
Sleeping puppies and resting dogs, both puppy crate A and B are "manned".

Week 5 continues
The puppies are getting more active, but they are only on their feet for 1- 1 1/2 hour at a time, then they do sleep for another couple of hours. All these new experiences are filling their little minds, and it's exhausting to be a puppy, learning so much in so little time.
Still, curiousity is HUGE, and usually one or two of them will wake up in the middle of a nap, and go for and extra round at it, only the rounds get shorter throughout the day, as room for impressions fill up fast.
The playing has excalated to a higher level, and some quite fierce "fights" take place, testing strength and limits as teeth grow out. They have started to "mouse jump" onto one another, gathering their feet under them, just like a cat, aiming for attack, only in many cases still to stumble over their feet, when the offensive is generated into a jump.

Puppy relocation
Shawnee woke up, went out and peed on the piddle pad, and decided to join Kikka.
Seems like Kikka is starting to think it's her puppies.

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Shoshone smelling the grass
"Oh, this is what it's all about".

Shawnee busy
"this is just too much fun".

Arapahoe coming out
"Ok, guess I can walk on it".

Cheyenne exploring
"This is sure different, what are those smells?"

Shoshone exploring
So many smells.

Sioux Stub Butt coming out
"Hey guys, what are we supposed to do with all this?"

Arapahoe feeling good
"Who's idea was this, this is really good".

Sioux testing facility
"Great, and my feet don't even get wet".

Shawnee chasing tail
"Hey, who put that there? Where did that thing come from?"

Sunshine girl
"Oh my this sunshine feels soooo good!".

Exploring area
"Wow, this World is big".

The boys
"Hey man, did you try pee on this stuff, it's really a good deal".

2 girls digging
Want more
"Look, there is more out there"..."Let's dig a tunnel, come on".