Maddy and puppies (week 4b)

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"OK, coming out"
When the high board is off, they all know their way out.
Here is Arapahoe working on his escape, and the rest are right behind him.

All the puppies eat every time we serve. Only the biggest ones, Arapahoe, Shoshone and Sioux Stub Butt are more "die-hard eaters".
Regardless, the food stays around for both round 2 and 3, as all the puppies still have a hard time staying focused on the eating. There is so many other things a curious and playful puppy needs to do.
So they eat, play a little, go back to the food, play again, explore the area, then eat some again.
Besides, Mama Maddy is still taking very good care of them, so why care to eat too much?

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"Hey, where's the food?"
When the puppies hear someone approaching, they come to the edge.
Cheyenne played hard, and is still sleeping.

Potty training and box.
Potty training is moving right along. This week the puppies graduated into the BIG box, and have now half and half sleeping area and potty-area.
This has helped in keeping the sleeping area clean quite a bit, and there is less and less "mistakes" every day. All 5 puppies are very aware of the set-up and really try to get to the piddle pads, when they need to go.

On their feet.
The puppies are gaining footage by the minute. Again Shawnee has pulled a "first" on RUNNING, and she moves VERY fast through the box, and when out on the floor.
All the others are right behind her, and quite lively and strong on their legs. They actually do little "mouse attack jumps" when playing.
We have tried to take "standing" pictures of each of them, but obviously they don't stand still very long for pictures...

Shoshone, Cheyenne, Shawnee
"Hello out there, what's going on?"

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Arapahoe playing
"Hey brother I'll put you in your place".

Cheyenne with toy
"Allright, don't know what you are, but I'm making you dead meat".

Shoshone thinking
"Ok, what or who should I attack next?!".

Shawnee with toy
"I'll just taste you first, then kill you".

Sioux attack Shoshone
"Ok little brother, I'll show you pushy".

Wanting to be a lab-dog
"Hey, I'm coming up to say hello, hang on".

Shoshone and Sioux gang up on Shawnee.

Shawnee saw Maddy
"Hey mom, how about you come in here and feed us?".

Arapahoe stand
2 days short of 4 weeks old.

Cheyenne stand
Of course looking the other way.

Shoshone stand
Moved while picture was taken.

Shawnee stand
Not too bad, but still not straight.

Sioux Stub Butt stand
Not too bad either, the food helped.