Maddy and puppies (week 6b)

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TV Dinnerwk6
TV dinner
Maddy barely takes time to feed the kids anymore, but we caught her once...
Believe it or not, but she's watching Animal Planet on TV, while the pups eat dinner!

Improving and practicing.
This week the puppies are getting better at everything. They are more sure footed every day, but still "miss" every now and then, and stumble and slide around.
They practice all kinds of skills, one is their "attack strategy", and nothing or no-body is "safe" anymore.
They are really starting to carry toys and "other items" around with them, and they are also playing tug-of-war with things.

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On Deck wk6
First adventure "on deck"
The weather allows for the door to stay open, and the deck has been added to the play grounds.

More expansions and some restrictions
This week the weather finally allows our door to stay open, and the deck has been involved in the puppy play area.
They now take that for granted, and they like to get out into the sunshine. They have also been in the front yard, dealing with the contruction going on right close, as if it didn't exist.
Of restrictions, we had to make different "night arrangements", as the whelping box was enclosed but with access for Maddy. Sioux Stub Butt got out of Maddy's entrance one night, and had quite a good time re-interior-decorating the entire house, and "tasting" the houseplants.
Since Maddy is no longer going into the puppies at night anyway, we closed the entry/exit, to keep the puppies safe.

Going and going and going....
In the beginning of the week, there was "quiet times" through-out the day, as the puppies would play for a while, then sleep for a while.
This picture has changed drastically in the middle of the week, and we're down to just a few times a day, where all the puppies sleep.
Most often than not, there is always one or two awake messing around and playing, so quiet time is over!

Sleep w chicken
Too cute
Shawnee made sure no-one could run off with the chicken while she was sleeping.

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Arapahoe strapwk6
Little "helper" Arapahoe
"Give me that camera, I'll take the pictures".

Cheyenne Winerack
Cheyenne playing "good wine" "Do I look like a wine bottle now?".

Shoshone sleep byWine
Shoshone doesn't care
"Just poor me back on the bottle".

Shawnee playing "big dog"
"I'm almost grown up now".

Sioux grabs Kikka's collar
"You might be bigger, but I'm in control".

Pups float
"Floating" around
Puppies seem to grow out of the crate.

3 pull strap
Gang-up on photographer
"Ok everybody, let's finish this photo job".

Sioux Table
Sioux "wrap around"
Nothing as comfortable as sleeping wrapped around the kitchen table.

Arapahoe plays with Kikka
It gets rougher every day.

Cheyenne won't let go
"I'll just finish the job by myself".

Shoshone BarBQue
Shoshone smells food
It was obvious he smelled the Bar-B-Que.

Shawnee has another "first"
First puppy to figure out the water bottle.

Sioux Tug Kikka
Sioux Stub Butt tug of war
Wonder who's strongest?.