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pups eat Maddys food
A meal "on the fly".
Like little magnets they latch on, when Maddy happens to pass by within reach.

The World outside the box
Being out of the box for meals and play was first quite "scary", but after the very first time, it became a desire in all the pups quite fast, and they started climbing the edges to get out to play.
Once out, everything was "explorable" and fun, and self confidence built by the minute. Getting back in the box for sleep was a good, comfortable feeling, but after rest, they wanted out some more.
The curiousity has raised to high levels, and confidence "wins", these boys and girls are already big dogs in their minds, and with brothers and sisters around, nothing can be dangerous. That's the attitudes.

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The puppies 4 weeks old.
This week has been the next step in expanding the World for these little puppies. All of them are taking to new stuff and experiences very well and catch on fast to the fact that there is a life outside the whelping box. When humans visit they want out, and once they are tired, they already know how to climb into someone's lab and curl up.
Maddy has taken more time off as weaning is progressing, but she still spends a lot of time just hanging out with her pups and letting them eat as much as they want.
Arapahoe Is very pushy to get out of the box. He has tried every possible way this week and succeded several times. He also takes naps more frequently and likes to curl up to a human, when he is tired. He is quite brave and does make sure to be involved, if any disagreements have to be resolved. Ge growls when his mother stops the milk tap.Arapahoe was the first pup to spot aunt Kikka, and to start playing with her.
Shoshone Shoshone is still the "lively" guy and stays awake often when the others sleep. He has managed to go to sleep, be put in the box, just to wake up and try to play more. He has great concentration on his eating "real" food, but if his eye catches anything going on, he has to go and check it out. He Does like to cuddle, and he sleeps on his back almost all the time.
Cheyenne Has become an active little girl. She has no fears and seem ever so calm and collected, yet VERY playful. She is the most quiet (vocally) of the bunch. She is smaller than the others, but it doesn't hold her back from being on top of the game. She is also an explorer and covers ground fast, never missing a thing on the way. She follows a human voice, and she's the first one to climb in a human's lab to take a nap.
Shawnee Shawnee is a busy girl, she stays awake with Shoshone or even later, and she leaves the sleeping siblings to go explore and play. She is very attracted to be near a human and play with a human, while at the same time keeping all the others in line. She is the fastest on her feet, and seem to be able to do several things at once in different locations. She is aware of getting "people" attention now!
Sioux Stub Butt is the ultimate explorer. She "wanders" off on her own, checking stuff out, being quiet and observant. She plays with all the others, but loves to be talking to a human and be hugged, while nibbling on clothes, hair etc. She is still big on eating, and is very solid on her legs if she decides to go somewhere fast. Sioux surprised us with a "howl", which she likes to use, if bored now. Besides the occasional howl, she's pretty quiet.

Meal served outside of the box
Right when the food is served, all the puppies gather to eat.

The litter at 4 weeks.
This was the week of learning the piddle pads INside of the box. Now we're progressing to piddle pads and papers OUTside of the box. Now this is not too easy to figure out, and pups don't always have "time" to find the piddle pads. But they are "working" on this.
There is no puppies showing signs of "slacking behind" in any way. No-one has more or less fear of new stuff, they are all little adventurers and troopers. The first time they had been out of the box, they semt to curl up a little tighter in the box afterwards, but once awake again, this new experience made them all demand MORE World.
The puppies are also all showing clear signs of looking for and enjoying human company, and they like to be hugged and rubbed and touched. They are all "super happy little big dogs".

First meal1
Last meal inside the whelping box
The days of containing these puppies are over!

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Arapahoe 4 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 1 3/8 oz (1403 grams).

Cheyenne 4 weeks old
Now 2 lbs 11 oz (1229 grams).

Shoshone 4 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 7 7/8 oz (1584 grams).

Shawnee 4 weeks old
Now 2 lbs 11 3/4 oz (1242 grams).

Sioux's 4 weeks old
Now 3 lbs 4 5/8 oz (1493 grams).

Arapahoe Read
Arapahoe reading the cartoons
"Hey Soiux, this one is really good".

Arapahoe Chair
Cheyenne fix office chair
"Don't just stand there, I'll show you".

Shoshone plays with the newspaper
"I knew there was a purpose to this stuff".

Shawnee plays with the newspaper
"Ok, I'll fix all this in no time".

Sioux Stub Butt by the food
"Hey, I was here first, don't step in my food".

Cheyenne Feet
Cheyenne learns the dog/sock relation
"I hope I go to a home with lost of socks, this is cool".