Kikka meets puppies (aunt Kikka)...

Kikka was introduced to the puppies right at the start of week 5. She was so curious, cute, gentle and playful we had to give her a page by herself with the puppies.

Another special page
We didn't want to put one puppy more in "the lime-light" before the others, but it just so happened that a little "scene" took place, once the puppies were out of the box.
Kikka happened to be very much a part of this little "event" with one puppy, Shoshone, and we have gathered those pictures on another special page.
To see Kikka's and Shoshone's little "adventure" click here.

Kikka and Cheyenne meet.
Kikka carefully licking Cheyenne's belly.

The first introduction
For some days in week 4 Kikka had been curiously sitting on the opposite side of the fence looking at the puppies eating and playing
One of the last days in the week, Arapahoe noticed her presence and started "pawing" her through the fence and nibbling at her nose.
She would place herself sideways right against the fence, so he could smell and investigate as much of her as possible through the loops, and she was giving lots of kisses, when he was near her face.
Within the day the rest of the puppies "caught on" to Kikka, and she became the most important "toy" when they were out of the box for meals and play.
Time to take the fence down.

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In the kitchen".
Kikka was let in the kitchen with all 5 puppies at once. The first one to notice her was Cheyenne, and she did boldly run up to Kikka and bit her in the nose. Kikka smelled the little girl ever so gently and pushed her over and licked her belly.
In no time the rest of the puppies learned about "auntie Kikka's" presence and she became quite the attraction. Kikka laid down on the floor to show "no danger" and she would smell and lick the puppies as they approached. Very soon she was carefully playing with them by pawing and nipping very gently and playful at them. She even rolled over to make sure no-one got scared of her.
She is now a great big part of everything going on, and she enjoys so much to be with the puppies. The only thing she can't do is to provide milk, which some of the puppies express great dissatisfaction about by growling at her, when they try to get a drink she doesn't have.
At first Maddy was showing Kikka that it was HER puppies, by getting in between, but in less than a minute she obviously changed her mind and walked away, trusting that Kikka would not hurt them at all, and she left Kikka alone with the puppies.

So many puppies
Kikka quickly got really busy, there is so many of them.

Got milk?
Cheyenne and Sioux Stub Butt learning that Kikka has her limits...Kikka trying to figure her way out of this one.

Little bonds.
We don't think Kikka could tell the puppies apart at first, but after a day with them it seems like little "bonds" are building. As much as she likes to play with all of them and all of them like to play with her, it seems that there is a special mutual interest between Kikka and Cheyenne. Kikka wil leave playing with another puppy, to get over to Cheyenne, and Cheyenne specifically looks after Kikka and wags her little tail every time she spots her.
Kikka seems to be aware of that Cheyenne is a little smaller than the others and she plays extra careful with her. Kikka has certainly also learned to tell Shoshone apart from the others, he really likes to wrestle with her, and she is less careful around him, simply because he invites to a rougher game himself.

Aunt Kikka's paws are full
Hard to conprehend 5 new play-mates all in one day.

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First little bonding
Kikka and Cheyenne figuring each other out.

"What have I done?"
Sioux approching Kikka, wanting part of the fun.

Being careful
Kikka laid down to meet and to show "no danger".

Shoshone joining
"Hey little aunt lady, wanna play?"

Showing trust
Cheyenne took to Kikka right away.

Kikka plays
"I don't care if you want to or not, I'll play with you anyhow".

Kikka plays
"Ok, about time you came around, let's have some fun lady".

Shoshone "checking"
"Wow, you are really a lady huh? Well you are kind of cool anyhow.

Special attraction?
It seems like Kikka and Cheyenne are sticking together.

Darn Aunt
"What is the matter with you?"

Arapahoe "checking in"
"Hey, you are missing something here, what are you supposed to be good for?".

Arapahoe and Kikka play
"Ok, I see now, you'remy personal toy is what you are good for.

Shawnee passing by
Shawnee and Kikka meeting; Shawnee moves around so fast, Kikka has a hard time keeping and eye on her.