Maddy and puppies (week 4a)

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A snack-time in the box
All the puppies gather quite quickly now, when food is served.

Week 4 and going stronger.
This week is dominated by eating real food, playing and playing and playing, and then exploring.
All the puppies are out of the box several times a day to have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack out in the "real World".
The real World seems to have caught their interest, and they are all making quite serious attempts to get out of the box by their own help.

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The noises and play.
We caught "the barker", only now we have several. Again, as another "first", Shawnee turned out to be the woofing puppy, but her siblings have all caught on pretty well. Now they practice barking while they sleep, making even nap-time quite entertaining for the by-stander.
They all growl, and they all LIKE to hear themselves, so when all are playing, it sounds very vocal indeed. They practice "challenge-growl", "attack-growl" and "I'm mad-growl". It's the first sound on the agenda if a puppy sleeping is interrupted by a brother or a sister.
The play is of longer duration, sleep is less, and the play is escalating to a quite serious looking level at times. They are no longer only "one on one", we see them "gang up" on each other.
Toys are "in", and these pups seem to like to play with: Newspapers, paper towel, Maddy's bowl, office chair wheels etc. whatever they can get their paws on is subject for toy.

Litter Wk4
Snack time again
A "Mama-snack" is still quite popular.

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Arapahoe exploring
"There is a way out, I know there is".

I smell something
The little rawhide caught Cheyenne's eye.

Shoshone attack Maddy
"Hey Mom, what do you say, I take a bite off of your ear?".

Shawnee is being "wild"
"Ok, I can lean on Mama and beat you up at the same time".

Stub Butt on the piddle pads
"Hey guys, be right back".

Quiet break
All sleeping, and Shoshone in very typical position.

Wild play
Sioux and Shawnee going at it.

Arapahoe exploring again
This guy is VERY interested in finding a way out.

Cheyenne exploring
"Hey, is there anybody out there?"

Shoshone playing rough
"Ok Cheyenne, got you now"

Shawnee greeting
"Hey, this sweater is quite tasty".

Sioux exploring
"I know this was the way to the food".