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Group Claremont06
Group picture, November 2006
From left people's names first, then dogs: Ed with Kemosabe, Helene with Birkita, Kikka, Maddy in front, and Greta in lap,
Linda with Cheyenne, Brita with Vago, Carol with Annika, Gail with Woody, Judy with Cooper, Amy with Calamity Jane,
and in front our "pink people puppy" Ashley with Annika's puppies.

ARBA Hollywood Classic, CA 11 and 12 November, 2006

Another first
This was another "Farmdog first", as DSFCA held their 1st regional breed specialty with special invited judge, Diane Anderson, USA.
Diane Anderson is educated as a judge while previously living in Norway and Sweden, and she is the only judge in The USA, who is educated specifically to judge Danish/Swedish Farmdogs.
Thank you Diane for granting our wish, and coming to judge our show, it was great fun to have you, and we hope to see you again!
We had a total of 12 farmdogs present, but not at once, since one came only Saturday, another one only Sunday.
The high-lite of the weekend was absolutely Annika's 5 puppies, which traveled all the way from the Bay Area, to come and entertain us all, thanks Carol for giving us this "puppy fix"!
Saturday we showed: Kemosabe, Spiff, Vago, Woody, Annika, Birkita, Cheyenne, "CJ", Greta, Kikka, and Maddy.
Kennel Little Denmark traveled from WY with 4 girls, Maddy, Kikka, Greta and Birkita, which was a real fun experience, especially when it came to logistics of showing all 4. But that's what's so nice about our group, basically everybody jumped in, held leads, switched and juggled armband numbers, and showed dogs for me.
I cannot thank everybody enough for all the help, it worked out great!
Sunday we showed: Kemosabe, Vago, Woody, Annika, Birkita, Greta, Kikka and Maddy.
Visiting, but not showing Sunday were Cheyenne, "CJ" and Cooper. Thanks for "hanging" with us, and for all your help.
And of course thank you to everybody who showed and showed up, as always it was a memorable weekend, and the trip out and back was well worth the wonderful hours we spent together with our great "little big dogs"!

Kemosabe on table
Diane Anderson, USA was our specialty show judge
Here examining Kemosabe (Little Denmark's Shoshone) on the table.

Show results
Show 1: Open male: Woody 1, Kemosabe 2; Winners Dog comp: Woody 1, Kemosabe 2 (Reserve winners); 6-9 months female: Birkita 1; 9-15 months female: Greta 1, Cheyenne 2; Open female: Kikka 1; Winners Bitch comp: Greta 1, Kikka 2 (Reserve Winners), Birkita 3;
BOB: Greta; BOS: Vago; Best of Winners: Greta
Greta placed #1 in the group.

Show 2, specialty show, judge: Diane Anderson, USA: Open male: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2; Winners Dog comp: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2 (Reserve Winners); 6-9 months female: Birkita 1, CJ 2; 9-15 months female: Greta 1, Cheyenne 2; Open Female: Kikka 1; Winners Bitch comp: Kikka 1, Greta 2 (Reserve Winners), Birkita 3;
BOB: Vago; BOS: Maddy; Best of Winners: Kikka
Vago placed #1 in the group, and won Best in Show Reserve!
Specialty Classes:
Brood Bitch Class: Representing Kennel Little Denmark's were Kikka with off spring, Little Denmark's Annie Oakley (Birkita) and Little Denmark's Calamity Jane (CJ). Little Denmark's class got an "excellent" rating.
Litter presentation by Kennel Annika's: Best of litter Annika's Blondie.

Show 3: Open male: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2; Winners Dog comp: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2 (Reserve Winners); 6-9 months female: Birkita 1; 9-15 months female: Greta 1; Open Female: Kikka 1; Winners Bitch comp: Greta 1, Birkita 2 (Reserve Winners), Kikka 3;
BOB: Vago; BOS: Maddy; Best of Winners: Greta
Vago placed #1 in the group.

Show 4: Open male: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2; Winners Dog comp: Kemosabe 1, Woody 2 (Reserve Winners); 6-9 months female: Birkita 1; 9-15 months female: Greta 1; Open Female: Kikka 1; Winners Bitch comp: Birkita 1, Greta 2 (Reserve Winners), Kikka 3;
BOB: Vago; BOS: Maddy; Best of Winners: Kemosabe
Vago placed #2 in the group.


Puppies enter the ring
Entry, we're still looking good...

Diane gets attention
Diane Anderson gets their attention...somewhat

puppy chaos
Let the chaos begin...which way were we going now?

Mr.Lemmon showing
Mr. Lemmon in fine style.

Okay, take them around one more time...

The winning puppy
And the winner is...

A blast of a puppy parade
As a specialty show event, Carol was able to present Annika's 5 puppies in the ring, even though they were a bit too young for real dog show.
Everybody near ring side, not holding a dog already, were called to the aid...none who had ever been in a show ring before, except from Carol herself.
The puppies were in need of relieving themselves, so with Maddy in one hand, and poop bags in the other, I followed the "bombs".
Our judge was able to, with the help of a ball and some peculiar sounds, get the attention of the puppies...for about 2 seconds, and the parade sort of dissolved in other "puppy priorities" in this new, and to them exciting place.
To much entertainment for everybody there, the final was lined up, and a round of honor taken. Effortless to the puppies, but great efforts by their handlers!

DSFCA camp w banner
DSFCA camp with banner

DSFCA store
DSFCA store selling refreshments

DSFCA ribbons
DSFCA specialty show ribbons

All the "other stuff".
Friday night we gathered all dogs, puppies and people in one room for snacks, play and chat. In particular were all the adult dogs aquinted with the puppies, and Kikka and Birkita re-united with CJ. Saturday we set up an impressive camp, which attracted lots of attention as usual, and of course the puppies were a huge "hit". We had all the adult dogs in one large pen, and puppies and Annika in a smaller pen. Taking shifts, we let all the adults from the big pen visit the puppy pen one by one over the weekend.
We had 2 sets of visitors, who came to meet our breed, and we were selling sodas, water, fruit and snacks for DSFCA fundraising.
Saturday we had lunch delivered, great sandwiches, and Sunday there were pizzas for all.
For dinner Saturday we ended up having a long wait for a table, but the sangria kept us around, the store next door was happy to have us shopping, and that paella was certainly worth the wait!
Oh such fun we always have!!!

Our own Kennel Little Denmark's fun.
It was such a fun trip with the 4 girls, Maddy and her daughter Greta, and Kikka and her daughter Birkita.
Just had to give them a "special section" here at the bottom. The 4 of them were great travelers in the car, and they all got along so well.
To watch the 4 of them tumble in play in our room in the evenings was just a great joy.
Thank you to Greta's and Birkita's families, for trusting me to bring them to the show, and home again safely. It was a great experience for them, and a great experience to me!

The traveling girl crew
Little Denmark's traveling crew, Greta, Kikka, Birkita and Maddy

all 4 girls play
The 4 girls tearing around in play on the motel room bed

All 4 girls play2
and then the party moved to the floor!

Birkita and Greta play in car
Birkita and Greta snuggled in the back of the car together, and between naps, they tumbled around in play like 2 little school girls on camp

Kennel Little Denmark's ribbons
The 4 Kennel Little Denmark's girls' harvest of the weekend

All 4 after first show day
And no-one tumbled anywhere, other than straight to sleep, after a full day of dog shows. Good job you little show girls!

Moments from the long drive
Moments in a collage from the long drive, yes Maddy and Kikka both like to sleep on the dash!

DSFCA 1st Regional Specialty Show, 2006

Carol setting up snacks
Friday night people snacks
Carol, thanks for feeding us!

Puppies eat
Friday night puppy snack
And Carol, thanks for feeding us too!

Room full Friday night
Nothing beats a full belly...
...good company and being with all our wonderful little dogs.

The big play pen
The big play pen
All the adult dogs got along great in the big pen

Puppy play pen
Puppy play pen
And the puppies got most all the attention of course

Vago group winner
Brita and Dad proudly presents...
Vago group winner, beat the foo-foos!

Hanging out
The "best'est" parts of it all
just hanging out and enjoying the moment

Birkita and Kemosabe play
Birkita and Kemosabe play
Birkita, you're flying...

Birkita and Kemosabe play2
"You call that flying?...
I'll show you flying!"

Puppy siesta
Puppy siesta
The puppies made sure to get their naps between being very busy

Puppy pen visitors
Puppy pen visitors
There were always someone in there with them

Woody plays disk
Flying Farmdog
Woody entertains us with flying for a disk

Ashley and pups
Ashley with pups
We couldn't help but naming her "the pink puppy", were the puppies were, she was, too cute!

Birkita Kikka and CJ
Family re-union, Mom and kids
Little Denmark's Annie Oakley (Birkita), Kikka, and Little Denmark's Calamity Jane (CJ)

The entire family
And now Daddy came along
Kikka, Birkita, CJ and Daddy Vago

Birkita on kennel
Birkita, one busy little lady
Always with that smerky grin on her face!

Maddy on Kennel
Maddy in her favorite position, "a classic"
never misses anything going on all around the place, from her usual look-out spot

We want out
Another classic...
"What's wrong with this picture? Why are you out there, when we're in here?"

Cheyenne and Birkita play
Cheyenne and Birkita play
Birkita never misses out on the opportunity for some fun

Cheyenne and Kemosabe play
Cheyenne and Kemosabe have fun
both kids of Maddy's

Cooper and Kemosabe play
Dog dancing...
Cooper and Kemosabe demonstrate free style, Farmdog style

Ed and Kemosabe
Ed and Kemosabe
Taking a quiet relaxing moment

Sunday hang-out
Sunday hang-out in camp
THIS is what it's all about!