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Group picture, November 2005
From left people's names first, then dogs: Caitlin and Piper with Spiff, Jamie with Lexie, Carol with Annika, Brita with Vago, Helene with Kikka and Maddy and Judy with Cooper.

ARBA Hollywood Classic, CA 12 and 13 November, 2005

Small and cozy
With other activities going on in CA this weekend, and several Farmdogs showing off in Fly-ball elsewhere, we only had a small group together this year.
We also had a new member in our show group, showing in puppy class, Spiff and his junior handler, who did a beautiful job Saturday, in showing us all, how this is done!
Saturday we showed: Spiff, Lexie, Annika, Kikka, Cooper and Vago.
Maddy was off for the weekend, as she wasn't quite ready to show, after having puppies, but she was happy to just be there. We had her puppy Benedicte (now named Cheyenne) with us, and her new family was visiting with us Saturday, before they brought her home.
Sunday we remained with a small core show-group: Annika, Kikka and Vago.
Tons of fun, and a super relaxed weekend. Butch honored us with being there too, and Maddy and Kikka were happy to have their "Daddy" around. I was too, now you all know, that he really does exist!
Thank you to everybody who showed and showed up, we had yet another unforgettable weekend with good friends and wonderful, happy Farmdogs.

Show results
Show 1: Puppy Class: Spiff 1; 9-15 months female:Lexie 1; Open male:Cooper 1; Winners Dog comp: Cooper 1; Open Female: Annika 1, Kikka 2; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 1, Lexie 2 (Reserve Winners);
BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika; Best of Winners: Cooper
Show 2: Puppy Class: Spiff 1; 9-15 months female:Lexie 1; Open male:Cooper 1; Winners Dog comp: Cooper 1; Open Female: Annika 1, Kikka 2; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 2, Kikka 2 (Reserve Winners);
BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika; Best of Winners: Annika
Show 3: Open Female: Annika 1, Kikka 2; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 1, Kikka 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika;
Show 4: Open Female: Annika 1, Kikka 2; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 1, Kikka 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika;
Group competitions: Spiff placed group 2 in show 1, and group 1 in show 2.
Vago placed group 2 in show 1, group 2 in show 2, group 1 in show 3, and Best in Show Reserve!!! and group 3 in show 4.
It was very exciting to watch Spiff take the group, such a good job of Caitlin, and it was also really exciting to finally see Vago place in the Best in Show competition, and SO well deserved!
Annika became ARBACH.

Lunch time
A fresh and delicious lunch by Brita

The fun things
As usual we had a lot of things going on besides the show. We had a nice lunch brought to us by Brita (thanks!), and we had some ring- and table practice with Spiff and his young handler Caitlin, who both already knew, what to do, better than anybody, we were so impressed!
We also enjoyed many visitors, amongst others, we said hello to Cheyenne's new family, and goodbye to Cheyenne, when she went to her new home. It was wonderful to have you Linda and Mike!
We "scrambled" with the logistics of showing Lexie in the first show, since Mom (Annika) and daughter had to compete against one another, but to our rescue came Lexie's family with Jamie for the afternoon show, so great it could work out, that we got to see you again!
Butch was our "go-for" and "Mr. practical", and held many a lead when things were busy. He had a great time at his first dog show, and did a good job at waking everybody up at 7 AM, when he had Vago and Annika playing with him very loudly!
In show regards we did have our usual "glitch", which seems to always go along with us (proud to be) amateurs, when a judge realized, that Kikka was missing some very essential parts, in order to qualify as a male...It really wasn't our fault, but it didn't make the incident less hilarious.
Sunday was an easy and quiet day, probably mainly thanks to the fact, that we didn't sit up till 3 AM the night before, as we did Friday night...Cheese Fondue, catered all the way from San Fransisco, and we won't talk about the wine-glitch, at least Butch got it fixed for us at the last minute...Thanks Carol, it was a blast!

Hanging out
A quiet time in camp
Always so nice to sit around with the dogs and talk, between the shows

Worth to mention.
Even though we always spend more time not showing dogs, than showing dogs, it is time to mention some of the fine accomplishments by the Farmdogs and their handlers.
We are a small group with a rare breed, yet we're growing, and we're learning together, and it is beginning to show in our results.
Not often do we see a puppy being shown in a Best In Show competition by an 11-year old amongst professional handlers. It had to be a Farmdog! Caitlin, you and Spiff were great, we are very proud of you!
We were also proud to have your sister Piper hand the Best in Show Reserve ribbon to the judge, when Vago won it. We know you wanted to tell the judge, that Vago should win, and we were all thrilled to see him place for the first time.
On the east coast, just a couple of months before, Bruce showed Hilde (Flora's Buttercup) to a Best in Show Reserve as well. Another job well done!
And congratulations to Carol and Annika with the ARBA championship!

Maddy and Kikka snuggle
"Farmdog magnet"
Put a tired girl on a blanket, and Maddy and Kikka are right there to snuggle with. Thanks Piper for keeping the girls company, they loved you!

Spiff showing
A great team
Spiff and Caitlin doing a good job

Lexie w Jamie
Mom is back
Lexie was happy to see her family.

Vago and Annika show
Side by side...
Vago and Annika showing to Best of Breed and Best of Opposite sex.

Cooper posing
Nice Pose Cooper
Cooper did a great job too, this boy is always sooo happy!

Annika stand
The new ARBACH

Carol w Maddy and Kikka
Lap dogs
Maddy and Kikka enjoying Carol's company

Kikka showing
Kikka showing
Examination on the table is boring

Spiff and Cooper play
A warm embrase?
Spiff and Cooper playing and entertaining us all

Cheyenne's new
Cheyenne meets her new "Dad"
Butch and me looking on and enjoying the moment

Kikka and Lexie
Between it all
Butch, our "handy man" holding Lexie

Kikka kiss Linda
Kikka kisses
Linda getting Kikka's loving welcome kisses

Maddy on kennel
Maddy on her view post
From the top of the kennel, she didn't miss a thing

More Kikka kisses
More Kikka kisses
Kikka has enough to share with everybody!

Cheyenne sleeps
Tired little puppy
Dog show is exhausting when you're only 10 weeks old!

Helene and Cheyenne
Goodbye my little girl...
...go and make me proud!

Vago's ribbons
The "harvest"
Vago's ribbons