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Group 03
Group picture 2003
From left: Kikka, Maddy, Vago, Bailey, Annika, Tilly

ARBA Hollywood Classic, Claremont, CA 15/16 November 2003

This show was such a fun time, we had to make a separate page, just for some of the great pictures.
I (Helene) didn't have enough hands for Bailey, Kikka and Maddy, cause Maddy and Kikka had to go in the ring at the same time. Brita, Carol and the Cohens, stepped in, and held dogs between classes, and Brita showed Kikka half of the time.
I am very thankfull for this, it would not have worked otherwise.
It was also great, that Carol decided, at the last minute, to drive all the way from San Fransisco with Annika on Saturday morning, and participated in 3 of the 4 shows. This gave us a total of 6 showing Farmdogs.
We made one BIG playpen under two easy-ups, and all the dogs were together the entire time, and they all got along just great. In fact it looked like so much fun in the pen, that we ended up sitting inside the pen most of the time.

Show results
Show 1: 3-6 months: Bailey 1; 6-9 months: Kikka 1; Open Female: Maddy 1, Tilly 2; Winner's comp: Kikka 1, Maddy 2 + Reserve Winners; BOB: Vago; BOS: Kikka
Show 2: 3-6 months: Bailey 1; 6-9 months: Kikka 1; Open Female: Maddy 1, Annika 2, Tilly 3; Winner's comp: Maddy 1; Annika 2 +Reserve Winners, Kikka 3; BOB: Vago; BOS: Maddy
Show 3: 3-6 months: Bailey 1; 6-9 months: Kikka 1; Open Female: Maddy 1, Annika 2, Tilly 3; Winner's comp: Maddy 1, Kikka 2 +Reserve Winners, Annika 3; BOB: Maddy; BOS: Vago
Show 4: 3-6 months: Bailey 1; 6-9 months: Kikka 1; Open Female: Annika 1, Maddy 2, Tilly 3; Winner's comp: Annika 1, Maddy 2 +Reserve Winners, Kikka 3; BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika

farmdogs play pen
3-way tug-of-war
Bailey, Kikka and Vago demonstrates how to disassemble a jack-a-lope...and no, the toy didn't make it home.

"Reading The play"
We had fun observing the ranking system in the pack. Maddy, as oldest female, was most likely the leader. She was playing with the younger dogs every now and then, and making sure she had everything outside the pen under control at the same time.
Annika semt to be number two, but between her and her litter-sister Tilly, it was hard to determine. Tilly did, however, have lots to do, making sure that the pups, Kikka and Bailey, knew that she was above them. Those 3 provided most of the entertainment, they were playing the entire time.
Taking shifts, Maddy, Vago and Annika would jump in the game, but most of the time, they let the pups and Tilly "run the show".
As we got into Sunday every-one showed signs of being tired, and grabbed naps in between, but there was never a quiet moment.

Maddy and Annika
The two "Lead Bitches"
Even though the rest of the pack was busy establishing their ranks, the number one, and the number two (Maddy and Annika), semt to be able to care less. Who knows, here it almost seems, like they shared the responsibility of the leadership.

During the show, Annika, Tilly and Kikka obtained their AKC CGC (Canine Good citizen). Congratulations!
Thanks for a great time to all participants.

Cookie time
Cookie time
Handing out cookies got every-one's attention...boy could they sit nice!!!

Sisters having fun.

Maddy and Annika
Maddy and Annika
"What's going on out there?"

"Yummy, got any more of those cookies?"

Bailey and Vago
Bailey and Vago
"Aren't we too cute?".

Tilly and Annika
Play-Pen activities
Always something going on...

Maddy and Vago
Maddy and Vago
"Did You smell that?"

Bailey and Maddy
The youngest and the oldest, almost cuddled.

Kikka and Vago
Kikka and Vago
Wonder who is strongest?

Siesta time
The girls
Annika, Tilly and Kikka take their "siesta".

Kikka sleep
It took a lot, but now, light's out.

After show
Kikka, Bailey and Maddy
They all semt to agree on, what to do afterwards...SLEEP!!!