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Group Claremont04
Group picture, November 2004
From left people's names first, then dogs: Gail and Woody, Sally and Anna, Carol and Annika, Brita and Vago, Judy and Cooper, front: Helene and Maddy (left), Kikka (right).

ARBA Hollywood Classic, Claremont, CA 13/14 November, 2004

Another great rendez-vous
While snow was blowing in other parts of The West, we managed again to gather a group of happy Danish/Swedish Farmdog owners in Sunny SoCal.
This time we had 3 young dogs and new owners, showing for the first time. So great to see new faces and dogs, and expand our little "show-group".
We built our usual camp, had 3 easy-ups and 2 large play-pens. Guys on one side, and girls (in heat) on the other.
We had 6 dogs showing Saturday: Annika, Maddy, Kikka, Vago, Cooper and Woody. Anna visited, so we did have 7 dogs present both days, because on Sunday Kemosabe joined us, so we had 7 showing on day 2. A very nice turn-out.
Thanks to all who showed (and showed up) and helped holding leads, showing Kikka for me, and watching dogs in my absense. Same as usual: Without help, it wouldn't have worked.

Show results
Show 1: Open Female: Kikka 1, Maddy 2; Winners Bitch comp: Kikka 1, Maddy 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Kikka
Show 2: 9-15 months male: Woody 1, Cooper 2; Winners Dog comp: Woody 1, Cooper 2 (reserve Winners); Open Female: Annika 1, Maddy 2, Kikka 3; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 1; Maddy 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika
Show 3: 6-9 months male: Kemosabe 1; 9-15 months male: Cooper 1, Woody 2; Winners Dog comp: Kemosabe 1, Cooper 2 (reserve winners); Open Female: Maddy 1, Annika 2, Kikka 3; Winners Bitch comp: Maddy 1, Annika 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Maddy
Show 4: 6-9 months male: Kemosabe 1; 9-15 months male: Cooper 1, Woody 2; Winners Dog comp: Kemosabe 1, Cooper 2 (reserve winners); Open Female: Annika 1, Kikka 2, Maddy 3; Winners Bitch comp: Annika 1, Kikka 2 (Reserve Winners); BOB: Vago; BOS: Annika
Vago won the companion group in the last show (way to go again Brita) but didn't place in Best of Show. The anticipation was pretty great, the group was gathered at Best of Show ring-side with chairs and cameras. Just to be there was exciting!
In the first 3 shows, Vago placed second in the group, a quite solid performance. Congratulations!

Farmdog Camp
The Danish/Swedish Farm Dog camp
At a quiet time in camp. 3 Easy-ups, 2 with play-pens (boys'/girls'), and one for food and snacks in the back.

All the other "stuff"
We had lots of excitement between shows as usual.
Saturday Maddy became the first Danish/Swedish Farmdog to enter an obedience competition in The US. She did her breed (and mama) proud, by winning the Novice class (by AKC rules), with a very convincing 198 points of 200 available. Her closest competitor had 172 points. Good job little Maddy!
Coopers big "sis" Jessie, who was visiting, passed her therapy dog test, congratulations to her proud family!
Both days we had great snacks, cheeses and crackers. Even though it wasn't "catered Danish buffet", it sure "passed", and went down well.
Saturday after the shows, we took over one of the tennis courts, and had a blast letting all the dogs play ball...they sure do play "tennis" in style. Some had sore paws the following day, but everybody certainly had fun, while it was on-going.

Maddy obedience competition
Maddy in obedience
Such intense attention, listening to the judge's instructions..."Hey mom, if you miss something, I'm listening too".

The purple velvet "throne".
The purple velvet "throne" is an "insider-joke"...very well Brita, everything but the kitchen zink, and thanks for the effort in bringing this beautiful throne, providing yet another great "side-show".
All the dogs are featured sitting on/in the throne, less can't do for "Danish Royalty".

Tennis play
Letting the "monsters" loose
Some of the best fun to dogs and people, is when they all get to play. Some sore little feet after running on this rough surface, however...we think they'd do it again.

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses on the purple velvet throne

Vago throne
The "King" Vago
Looks like a perfect fit.

Maddy throne
Little Princess Maddy
"So, what do you think?".

Annika throne
Ms. Match Annika
Purple ribbon for purple throne.

Kikka throne
Hot dog Kikka
"When we're done here, can I have some water please".

Anna throne
Anna sitting still!
"hear,hear Kikka...serve some water for these royalties".

Cooper Throne
Prince Charming 1, Cooper
"Them girls are cry-babies, I can sit here all day."

Woody throne
Prince Charming 2, Woody
"Yeah, I'm with you Coop".

Kemosabe throne
Kemosabe having a blast
"Oh wow, my own throne...and what are we doing after this, something else fun?"

Annika/Maddy sharing
The "seniors" know to take naps before "round two".

Coop and Kemosabe play
While the youngsters...
They just keep going and going and going...

water time
Drinking pause
Even Farmdog tennis players need to take water-breaks.

Woody on table
Woody table practice
"I'm already a pro at this stuff"

Cooper on table
Cooper table practice
"Hey, I'm standing great, where's my cookie?"

Kemosabe on table
Kemosabe table practice
"Wow, we're just having all kinds of fun"