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pups eat Maddys food
Sure sign it's time for weaning.
During temporary move "next door", all of a sudden Maddy's food got a lot of attention.

3 weeks old.
The puppies all showed great interest in Maddy's food on Thursday evening. Time to wean.
They all eat the mushy and soaked puppy-food, some more than others, but all get their share. Arapahoe was the first one in Maddy's food, and he's the first one in the puppy food. He is also the last one done.
Shawnee is also a kean eater, and Sioux Stub Butt will come and go to eat, and she scarfs down pretty good, while food is "on". Once Cheyenne and Shoshone get near the food, they will eat as much as they can and leave.

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The puppies 3 weeks old.
Alle the puppies are more awake now. Maddy also leaves the box for longer periods, but she still sleeps in the box most the time.
She has gone back to "work" and enjoy about an hour a day of training very much, it's obvious she missed that.
Everybody gets to eat, when they are hungy, she's still a very responsible mother, and keeps them all clean and neat.
Arapahoe is a steady guy. He is 100% (oops Bill, sorry), 99% on the piddle pads. He even wakes up and goes over there, and goes back to sleep. He plays "rough", when he is awake with Shoshone, and he is discovering things outside of the box, and has tried to climb out once. He seems very calm and collected, and he is definately "big on getting his meals".
Shoshone has been a little "trouble maker" this week. He will not go to sleep as fast as the rest, and he keeps waking up the others, because he just can't quit playing. He has discovered that he has quite a "mean growl", and he uses it a lot. If no response, he will "attack" Maddy, which she pretty much doesn't notice.
Cheyenne is the smallest puppy, but she keeps right up with Shoshone. She is often the one who wakes up, and takes a "tumble" with him. Cheyenne also often puts her head on the edge, and seem to check out the surroundings around the box quite a bit. All together she seems to check out everything, quite an "attentive" little lady already.
Shawnee is also a bundle of energy. She has a growl at least as mean as Shoshone, and she likes to hear herself too. She was the first one to be able to hear, all of a sudden she responded very obviously to a sound of tape being ripped, the others didn't notice. She's very solid on her legs, and she also appears to consider leaving the box every now and then.
Sioux Stub Butt started out this week with a lot of sleeping. Now she's back to "miss activity", and stays awake often, as Shoshone. She can sit and "study" her siblings, just to all of a sudden "attack". She has also picked up the "walks" around in the box again, and is almost as steady on her legs as Shawnee. She seems very mild and calm, yet full of energy.

3 Weeks old and still tired puppies
Even though these puppies are a lot more awake, they still sleep a lot too.

The litter at 3 weeks.
ALL the puppies seem to like "people-hands". They crowd around the fingers, and lick or try to nibble in play. When picked up to a cheek or a chin, they will sniff and give little puppy-kisses. They all seem very comfortable with being picked up.

The "potty training" is going really well. There is a total of maybe 3-4 "mistakes" in the sleeping area during a day and a night, that's it. ALL the puppies try to make it to the piddle pads, and we have seen them all make it again and again.
This week the puppies all had their nails trimmed, and they all know how to "pull" on those little legs, right when it's time to clip. They all did really well though.
They also had their first worming, with no apparent reaction or response.

One or more is/are able to simulate a "bark", but we still haven't been able to point out the "guilty one(s)"...

First meal1
Who's first when the food is served?
Sioux Stub Butt and Arapahoe were the first ones to notice.

First meal2
And who's next?
Shawnee was the third puppy to notice the food.

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Arapahoe in Maddy's food
He smelled it, time to test mama's food.

Cheyenne has it down
She makes the piddle pads almost every time.

Shoshone also knows
He finds the piddle pads almost every time too.

Shawnee hiding for a piddle
Could she close the door, she would...

Sioux's creative meal
"I'll just hang on until mom lays down".

first meal
Pups' first meal
"Hey guys, check out this stuff!".

Arapahoe 3 weeks old
Now 2 lbs; 2 3/4 oz (985grams).

Cheyenne 3 weeks old
Now 1 lbs; 14 1/2 oz (863grams).

Shoshone 3 weeks old
Now 2 lbs; 2 3/4 oz (985grams).

Shawnee 3 weeks old
Now 1 lbs; 15 5/8 oz (890 grams).

Sioux Stub Butt 3 weeks old
Now 2 lbs; 5 1/4 oz (1050grams).