Maddy and puppies (week 2b)...

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Maddy and Kikka
Kikka trying to get attention
Maddy and Kikka seem to re-bond now. Kikka plays the "underdog", wanting acceptance and part of the fun.

Maddy and Kikka.
Even though Maddy is still taking very good care of her pups, she now takes more "time outs". Kikka is always looking for her company, and it's obvious, that they a re-bonding.
Every now and then, just for a brief moment, Maddy will actually play with Kikka, but she does prefer just to snuggle up. It's hard for Kikka to leave Maddy alone, and Maddy "puts up with her" more and more each day.

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The puppies week 2
This week has been the week of noices. For a couple of days we'd hear a little growl, which was the cutest sound. Almost like a kitten, when it first learns to purr.
It took a few days to locate the sound to one pup, but eventually Shoshone came forward. Since then, most of the puppies will use those little growl-sounds, when making their way around the box, trying to get comfortable or to get food.
The last 2 days, there has also been little "bark-like" sounds, and all together it's a lively gang.

Litter eat week 2
Always hungy
At 2 weeks of age, rather 5 pups can eat a LOT.

2 weeks old
At the beginning of the week, Maddy had her stitches removed. She is a lot more comfortable and rests much better now.
All the puppies are very active, especially can we sense, that everything has "picked up" the last 2 days. The puppies are all trying to get on their legs, and they have all been showing great skill in "rolling over" when it doesn't work the way it was supposed to.
Arapahoe is boy number one, but no longer quite as heavy, as his brother. He is very quiet, but when picked up, he is ALL there, and can be quite hard to hold on to, but settles down fast when getting a belly-rub. He has a "tickle spot" in his neck.
Cheyenne is the smallest puppy, but certainly not the "standard runt". She is quite active, and gets her share at meals now, by "crashing" the food-party. She is very quiet when picked up, and almost goes to sleep immediately when held.
Shoshone is a vocal guy. He has already learned the trade of a Farm Dog. Make noice, and someone will give attention. He loves to be picked up, and have his belly and neck rubbed, while on his back and it gets him quiet immediately.
Shawnee has by surprise been the first one to get eyes. She can also walk on all 4 legs, longer than the others. She also likes to be held laying on her back, and have her chest and belly rubbed.
Sioux Stub Butt is the big girl. She is also doing great on "stand" exersices, but trimbles often. She loves to sleep on her back and have her belly rubbed, whether in the box, or in hands. She still snacks between meals.

litter kick back
Nothing like a nap after a good, solid meal.

Maddy plays puppy
Hey, where did this pup come from?
When we lined up for pictures, Maddy knew what was going on, and took the spot-light right away.

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Arapahoe Week 2
Arapahoe 2 weeks old
#17, Now weighs 1 lb 7 3/8 oz (664 grams).

Cheyenne Week 2
Cheyenne 2 weeks old
#18, now weighs 1 lb 4 1/4 oz (573 grams).

Shoshone Week 2
Shoshone 2 weeks old
#19, now weighs 1 lb 9 oz (725 grams).

Shawnee Week 2
Shawnee 2 weeks old
#20, now weighs 1 lb 4 1/2 oz (608 grams).

Sioux Stub Butt Week 2
Sioux Stub Butt 2 weeks old
#21, now weighs 1 lb 6 3/4 oz (645 grams).

Arapahoe week 2 eating
Arapahoe busy eating
He does this really well.

Shawnee crash on Shoshone
Shawnee and Shoshone
Nothing like sleeping in a pile.

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