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Maddy's litter week2
Second week, paws full
Puppies and Maddy "graduated" into the big box. All that room, and then she sits like this...

Second week of life.
Once the week started, all the puppies had been outside of the box, several times. For some reason it had to be a "night event", and since these pups all have good voices, they would call for help, and human sleep be frequently interrupted, to bring the escapee back in the box.
That's when we decided to "graduate" Maddy and pups into the great big puppy box.

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We thank You for Your patience.

The big box
The whelping box has edges inside, which we intended to remove. But in no time the edges turned into a popular feature, as the puppies all like to either sleep on top of one another, resting their heads on the edges, or cuddle up together underneath them.
Maddy also loves to tug her head under the edges, so we'll let them be a little while longer.
Once the pups can use them to jump out, we'll remove them, and probably be able to keep everybody inside for about 2 days longer...

Litter week 2
Sleeping and growing
wonder if Maddy can hear them grow...we can SEE it!!!

2 weeks old and eyes
Thursday morning of week 2, around 5 am, no puppies had opened their eyes yet. At 11 am, Shawnee was looking out, and just an hour later, her sister, Sioux Stub Butt.
By Friday morning, Cheyenne took a first peak at the world, along with her brother, Shoshone. During the day, Arapahoe has started checking things out too.
The puppies really can't see yet, but in another couple of days they will see everything. They are sensitive to light though, it's very obvious, when turning their heads towards a window.
All of them are lifting their heads up and turning them in all directions, like little periscopes, as if they indeed are looking. Maybe they can sense a little shadow and light.

Maddy and Kikka cuddle
Maddy and Kikka re-uniting
This week Maddy took time with her old friend too

Puppy Basket
Puppy goodie basket
Thank You so much to Lill, Rocky, Liz, Max and Bailey...we will for sure get a lot of joy out of this one.

For more info, please check our site later, or contact:

Kennel Little Denmark

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Arapahoe Week2a
Always comfy
Arapahoe "letting the belly loose".

Cheyenne Week 2a
sleeping and stretching
Cheyenne likes to stretch those little legs.

Shoshone Week2a
As usual
This is simply how Shoshone sleeps.

Shawnee Week2a
Head rest (again)
Shawnee just likes taking the "high ground" and rest her head up high.

Sioux Stub Butt Week2a
Had to be an eating-shot
Sioux Stub Butt making sure she stays the biggest girl.

Close-up eating
Keeping up
Cheyenne and Shoshone eating.

Shoshone Shawnee Cheyenne
The edges have become quite popular, over as well as under.

Arapahoe Week2b
Little Denmark's Arapahoe
#17, last one to get eyes

Cheyenne Week2b
Little Denmark's Cheyenne
#18, third one to get eyes

Shoshone Week2b
Little Denmark's Shoshone
#19, fourth one to get eyes

Shawnee Week2b
Little Denmark's Shawnee
#20, first one to get eyes

Sioux Stub Butt Week2b
Little Denmark's Sioux Stub Butt
#21, second one to get eyes

Puppy Pile week 2
This is STILL life as a puppy.