Puppie-Gallery week 2
Enjoy a few pictures from the second week.

Click picture for close up view

Sioux sleeps week2
Sioux Stub Butt
Nice to "air" that tummy.

Mealtime week2
Meal time
Wish there could be sound to this picture

Shoshone sleep week2
Inventive Shoshone Sitting or standing? Never mind, sleeping either way.

Shoshone stretch
Wonder if he knows he looks silly?

Shawnee rests head
Inventive Shawnee
This edge is great for head rest.

2 tummies
Tummies side by side
"Mine's bigger".

3 pups sleep
one, two sleep
Puppy line-up

Litter sleep wk2
Three, four five...
Keep sleeping.

lunch time wk2
Having lunch
"Hey, what did You order?"

Sioux resting head
Head's up
Stub Butt resting her head.

2 pups eating wk2
"Thanks for switching"...
"Well I just didn't want the fries"

Puppy pile wk2
More piling up
There is just nothing like it.