Maddy and puppies (week 1b)...

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Maddy's litter Day 6
6 days old...

Here is more pictures from the first week.
We now have two "escapees"...Sioux Stub Butt was the first one to "wander" out of the box, which she now does frequently.
Today (day 6) Arapahoe followed her lead, and took a stroll. Those are still the two biggest pups.
None of the two has figured out, how to get back in, but "when in need"...they know how to call for attention...

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Maddy on Day 6
Maddy has had some tough days, with severe side-effects from the drugs she was treated with after the C-section.
Today she really showed signs of being over the worst part, and the "high-lite" of the day, was when she decided to go check on her rabbits. This equals a walk around the block, which is the longest she has left the pups yet.
It was good to see her becoming her "own self" again...can't forget about the rabbits, puppies or not...

In Mama's Arm
Little boy with mom
Quite a safe spot...

1 week old
All 5 pups and Maddy are doing great. Every one of them have either doubled their weight, or are really close. This is a sure sign, that everybody is getting what they need to eat.
Cheyenne went "walking" out of the box on day 7, but had regrets and let me know she was there. This was the first I have heard of her yet, but she does indeed have a voice!
Shawnee is a "talker". Not discontent it seems, only she has something to say about everything. Even when she's working to get milk, I can hear her, until she gets the milk running.
Shoshone has caught up with his brother, Arapahoe, and the two are almost same weight. AND...surprise...Sioux Stub Butt is right along with them, still being the biggest puppy.
All 5 puppies are showing good signs of being strong, even and healthy, and have very much energy to pull/push themselves all around in their limited world, the box.
Now we are waiting for them to start looking out at that World...

sioux cuddles
Mom and daughter
Sioux Stub Butt "threw" herself across mama's neck

Maddy with Greenie
Wonder if the Greenie corporation could use this picture?
Maddy with her favorite, a greenie. Can You see her doubt?..."I want my Greenie, but I also want my puppies, I'll just sit here and hold on to both".

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Arapahoe Day 6
Sleeping "on edge"
Guess he fell asleep on his second trip out.

Cheyenne Day 6
Stretching those little legs.

Shoshone Day 6
More Belly-up
Boy knows how to get comfy.

Shawnee Day 6
Head rest
well, since mama's leg was right there...

Sioux Stub Butt Day 6
cosy corner
Comfortably snuggled up.

Shoshone Day6
Quite "trendy"
"well, everybody else do it this way".

The Boys Day 6
Boys night out
These guys know how to "party".

Arapahoe Day8
Little Denmark's Arapahoe
#17, day 8, now 1 lb 7/8 oz (479 grams).

Cheyenne Day8
Little Denmark's Cheyenne
#18, day 8, now 14 1/4 oz (404 grams).

Shoshone Day8
Little Denmark's Shoshone
#19, day 8, now 1 lb 5/8 oz (475 grams).

Shawnee Day8
Little Denmark's Shawnee
#20, day 8, now 14 5/8 oz (412 grams).

Sioux Stub Butt Day8
Little Denmark's Sioux Stub Butt
#21, day 8, now 1 lb 7/8 oz (480 grams).

Puppy Pile
This is life as a puppy.