Maddy and puppies (week 3a)...

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litter next door
Moved next door
While puppie-box is cleaned up, puppies and mama Maddy move into the next door compartment. When they start moving around more, the box will become one big room.
But for now the address is: "puppie box A" and "puppie box B".

Third Week.
"POTTY TRAINING" has begun! By working with the pups natural instincts to crawl away from their sleeping quarters to go potty, and by installing piddle pads in one end of the box, the first step into house breaking is taken.
Already the first day, all puppies succeded in making it onto the piddle pads one time or another. Such good little puppies!

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We thank You for Your patience.

The puppies week 3
As a start to the 3rd week of life, the puppies spend more time being awake. Not much, but just a few minutes after eating, before they go to sleep.
They don't waste any time, it's "play time", and we now see the puppies first little attempts try to play with each other. Two inches distance to an "opponent", can however seem like crossing a mountain range.
But coordination is about to improve...already now, as the rest of these puppies' lives, the "heart" is bigger than they are.

Kikka closer week3
Curiousity prevails
Kikka is about to burst, trying to figure out what all the action in the box is. Maddy is now allowing her closer, yet Kikka knows, that she can "look, not touch".

Sister game
Siouc Stub Butt and Cheyenne playing really well.

Litter Wk3
Week 3 and more active
Now the puppies are starting to use the entire size of the box, busy doing each their investigation, and then drop just to fall asleep, right where they were at.

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Kennel Little Denmark

Arapahoe's first "play"
Could have sworn he was going for that rawhide bone.

Cheyenne, mama's girl?
Nothing like a nose to nose cuddle between mom and daughter.

Shoshone fell asleep
Don't know where he was going, but he did fall asleep "in motion".

Shawnee sleeping
This is how You avoid missing next meal time..."be prepared".

Sioux Stub Butt's first "play"
An entirely new meaning to "sticking a foot in the mouth".

Shoshone's first "play"
"Hmm, I think I'll start with a bite off of this box".

A casual dinner position
Shawnee showing no mercy; "Let's eat"!

Fell asleep on the way
Thought she was going for the piddle pads.

Good Boy!
Arapahoe made it.

Cheyenne and Shawnee
Ok, pay back time...

Ok boy, now You're getting quick
Shoshone saw the camera strap, and went for "the kill".

Shawnee taste the edge
"I'm just going to grab me a bite of this".

Sioux Stub Butt on the "war path"...
"Ok Cheyenne, got'ya now"

Arapahoe again
"This edge is really cool".

Cheyenne and Shawnee
"It's MY ball".

"Boy I just can't let go of this thing..."