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group sit
The puppies have learned some manners
All 5 puppies sit, when they are asked to sit for cookies. GOOD little puppies!

7 weeks old.
The puppies are now 7 weeks old, and are starting to really learn some of the "good stuff".
Utilizing the established awareness of people and the communication opened, besides some still brief and occassional, yet present "windows" open to learning, the puppies have received a little training.
First individually, since all together, and now they "remind" each other of what to do. They all know how to "sit" for cookies, and they are individually working on "down".

Please be adviced, that we might take a few days on responding to e-mails.
We thank You for Your patience.

Looking for mama
Why is mom out there?
Puppies lined up sending "long looks" after Maddy, who gets to have a break and "rome" the back yard.

More trips out
The puppies have also been on a trip to visit a children's day-care center.
They met with 50 kids from age 2 to 7 and all took to the "people puppies" right away. They were padded, hugged, kissed and held by so many hands in very short time, and they all gave lots of puppy-kisses and nipped at hair and glasses.
In between they entertained kids and adults by playing with each other. "Show offs". Everybody loved the puppies, and the pups loved the kids, a very fun and rewarding trip for both parties.

The pups at age 7 weeks
This week has been "visit week". The pups have learned what riding in a car is, that there is friendly people and children everywhere, and that it is fun all together to go away from home for little field trips.
They have gained much confidence in a lot of different and foreign situations in preparing to "take on the world". Air-planes, lawn-movers and other noisy items now belong to a "fear of the past", sometimes they are so busy playing, that they don't even notice.
Each of our puppy buyers now have a detailed description of their puppies, and here they are in brief:
Arapahoe Very people fond, happy and outgoing. Quite mature for his age, can "hold his own" in spite of "soft" personality. Cautious, but overcomes fast. Loves coffee, loves to "sit" and loves to cuddle with people.
Cheyenne Very happy and outgoing, people focused. Very clever little girl. Demands attention at times. Can be "manipulative", and is not scared of much at all. Loves to "sit", loves tug-of-war, and loves to snuggle with people.
Shoshone Very happy and outgoing, people affectionate and excited. Independant and smart, yet likes reassurance with new and strange things. Dominant towards the other pups. Loves to "sit", craves and solicits human attention and snuggling".
Shawnee Very fast, very happy and outgoing. Loves people attention, and demands it. Fastest learner and "first of everything". Watches TV. Not scared of much. Loves to be center of attention, loves to "sit" and "down" and to cuddle with people.
Sioux Stub Butt Very, very people fond, happy and super outgoing. Not scared of much. Plays rough with Kikka, can entertain herself, independant. Loves to jump over "air" in happiness, loves the cookie she gets for "sit" and loves to cuddle with people.

It may seem like they are all the same. In a sense they are, yet there is differences in personality and approach of life. In the end, they are indeed all the same, they are Danish-Swedish Farm Dogs and have a lot of the breed's trades in common.

6 pups in box?
Puppies still sleep in the whelping box at night
Ok, did we get all in here? Let's see...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, now wait a minute, there is 6 puppies now, that big one must be Kikka.

The litter at 7 weeks
No weigths this time, there will be 7 1/2 week weights posted.
The litter is totally spelling "e-n-e-r-g-y", something going on all the time, never a dull moment. They are "testing" strength amongst each other, and play rougher and more serious at times. When a person "enters their world" they are at competition to be the first one to greet, and the one to jump highest to be seen. The training is so much fun, they seem to all have a desire to be "good puppies".
Maddy has decided they are adult enough not to need milk from her anymore. There is still times where a few of them will be opportunists and try, only to have her tell them "no". She has done her "job" and they do not need her to feed them anymore.


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Arapahoe 7wks Stand
Arapahoe 7 weeks old
"I'm going to Florida, my new calling name is Jake".

Cheyenne 7wks stand
Cheyenne 7 weeks old
"I'm going to Michigan, my new calling name is Scout".

Shoshone 7wks stand
Shoshone 7 weeks old
"I'm going to California, my new calling name is Kemosabe".

Shawnee 7wks stand
Shawnee 7 weeks old
"I'm going to Maine, my new calling name is Panda".

Sioux 7wks stand
Sioux Stub Butt 7 weeks old
"I'm going to Ohio, my new calling name is Suzy".

ArapahoeTug Kikka
Arapahoe play tug with Kikka
"Hey, Cheyenne, give me a paw here".

Cheyenne hang in Tug
Cheyenne "took over?"
It may be hard to see, but she is in fact off the floor hanging.

Shoshone slide
Shoshone sliding into the waiting "lions'" mouths
Cheyenne and Arapahoe were just waiting for him to slide back off the box, and so he did.

Shawnee bone
Shawnee relax with bone
The little rawhides are quite popular at break-time.

Sioux bone
Sioux relax with another bone
It seems all the puppies love the rawhides for chewing.

All tug Kikka
The moose is still in demand
This is an every-day event, Kikka at one end, puppies at the other end.