Puppie-Gallery week 9
They keep on going and going and going and...

Click picture for close up view

Run Yard 1
In the big yard...
Kikka and Shawnee letting loose.

Run Yard 2
...they can run and...
Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Maddy and ?.

Run yard 3
...and run and run Puppies looking small now...

Trick photo
Trick photo
How many puppies are in this picture?

Maddy and Kikka play
Everybody enjoying
Both Maddy and Kikka are playing with the puppies.

Puppies smelling grass
Checking out the smells
Little noses are put to work now.

Everybody in one picture
In the big yard it's almost impossible to catch them all in one shot.

Many things going on
Boys running, Maddy chewing bone, Kikka and Sioux play.

Play catch
Playing catch
Shawnee outrunning Shoshone.

Maddy and girls
Mama and the girls
Seems almost like a little meeting.

Maddy in the middle
Maddy's favorite play position
When in the middle, she's got everybody's attention.

More catch
More catch
Shawnee now outrunning Arapahoe.

Maddy Kikka Shoshone
Kikka, Shoshone and Maddy
Big girls were playing, Shoshone getting in the game.

Puppy play
Real puppy play
Sioux, Shoshone, Shawnee

Puppy play2
More puppy play
Too much going on at once to list.

Puppy race
Puppy race?
Shoshone, Sioux, who's winning?

Puppy siesta
Puppy siesta
When it's over, it's over.

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