Maddy and puppies (week 7b)

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Food served "all over the place"
The puppies love to play "find" with the dry-food nuggets, both inside and out.
Lunch time is quite an "event".

The 7th week.
This week started out with "puppy dry-food". The puppies have teeth and are able to chew real dry-food, as opposed to the dilluted and "mushy" food they have had this far.
The dry-food is served "all over the place" scattered on the floor, and the puppies love to sniff around and find the nuggets and sit back and eat them, just to go and search for the next one. This is something they get very excited over.
They also get the dry-food spread onto the grass outside. Such great adventure in some simple puppy food, it keeps them busy until it's all gone.

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The box
The first "scary" box has now become the dearest "toy". Kikka has at this time all the puppies inside of the box, and they are playing "hold the fort" with her.

Adding experience
The puppies have now been in the kitchen/livingroom for 3 weeks, and they have been outside every day. They know "their world" and are very confident in this setting and with their "routines".
They are ready to add to it all, so we took up an invitation to visit with a local corporate office.
The puppies had a small "commute" in the car, which they handled very well, and they met with a number of people and some kids in a double office, made into a big "puppy-play-pen" for the occasion.
In very short time the puppies acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to be "out and about", and they played with all the new friends they had made.
They were VERY quiet puppies for the remainder of that day...little minds tired from all the new and strange impressions.
They will in the following time be taking similar trips.

Weather and "baths"
After all this time outside, the WY-weather played it's "May-trick" and it started snowing. The puppies are so used to "their deck" as a natural room addition when the door is open, and they were not about to accept not being let out there.
We opened the door for them, and they had their first experience with the snow. None of them had any signs that the snow was other than the most expected, and by the way, quite fun stuff to play with. They spent about 5 minutes running through it, slipping and sliding and tasting it. They had to be carried inside and it was actually hard to keep them from running right back out again, but of course they did get cold and couldn't possibly stay out for longer.
Loosing out on a good time on the deck due to the cold, made us add a little "indoor-activity" for replacement. We turned up the heaters and put 3/4" of water in the bath tub.
One by one the puppies were placed in the tub, what a surprise that was. At first a couple of them started to drink the water and walking around, another group wanted out "right now". By playing and talking to the puppies and providing lots of little treats, it was possible to get them all to settle down and "take it in", just for a few minutes, then they were all taken up again, and the fun time of "towel drying" would take no end.

A standing meal
Maddy is still letting the puppies get milk, and even though she stands up most of the time, she seems to enjoy it, she could walk away if she wanted to, with a little determination that is.

Pups in SnowWK7
White "stuff" on the deck
The puppies acted like the snow was the most expected thing in htis world, and they actually played quite wild out there.

Pups In TubWK7
First "bath"
The bath tub experience was a lot of fun, even though the puppies weren't quite sure what to think of it, they all did really well.

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Arapahoe Box Wk7
Arapahoe "on top of the game"
Taking the high grounds is common for a Farm Dog, sitting on the box for a break is common for these pups.

Cheyenne Ball Wk7
Little dog big ball
"A regular sized tennis ball is not a problem to Cheyenne".

Shoshone Run Wk7
Shoshone looking for trouble
It's written all over him, "I'm going to cause trouble somewhere somehow".

Shawnee Stick Wk7
Shawnee's stick
"Hey I like to sit here with my stick, it tastes funny".

Sioux Kick BackWk7
Sioux at break time
"Arrhh it feels good in the shade".

Boys drinkWk7
The boys drinking water
"Hey, who should we attack next, let's gang up".

Mother's Day
Mother's day present
"Hey, here's a new toy, what do you think, take it for a spin?".

The Girls wk7
it's a "girl thing"
Don't quite know what they were so busy doing, but it was definitely a girl thing.

Arapahoe TugWk7
Arapahoe at tug-of-war
"All right, it's mine, give it up".

Cheyenne's first bath
"This feels good and cool, wonder if I can get in there somehow".

Shoshone going high
"Wow, I can see everybody and everything from here".

Shawnee jumping the box
She can hear the others inside, and is trying to figure out how to get to them.

Sioux Jumpwk7
Sioux jumping in joy
This is what she does, jumping all the time in happy little "out-bursts".

Sioux and Kikka
These two play endlessly. Sioux is trying to "beat up a game" while hiding under the chair. Kikka is on top of the box to get to her.

Nanny Tug Wk7
Everybody's game
Kikka gets all the pups involved in these games, and she pretends she almost can't "hold her end" getting the puppies even more excited.