Maddy and puppies (week 8a)

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Pile-up wk8
Puppies still pile up to sleep
When they are "out", they are "out" in a shared kind of way.

Family visit.
This week the puppies got a "new" family member. Butch came home and took over the Nanny-job along with Kikka. The puppies took to him as they would take to a new toy, it was "love at first bite".

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Butch on floor
Someone who gets on the floor with these puppies are asking for trouble. This was one of the many new games Butch and puppies discovered together this week.

Getting shots
The puppies went to the vet this week, and had their first set of puppy-shots. They also each went through a physical, and were all labeled "healthy". Health certifictates were issued for their trip to their new destinations, and they performed a perfect flawless "group sit" for the staff in the doctor's office.
While one was "up" the rest of them had fun on the floor, in particular the vet's shoes were in focus. In spite of being exposed to some pain and discomfort, which some of them did indeed have a bit to say about, they all overcame the minute they were back down on the floor, and picked up their game, where they had left. This is what we like to see in a Farm Dog puppy.
Weights were:
Arapahoe: 6 lbs 1 oz (2750 grams).
Cheyenne: 4 lbs 14 oz (2211 grams).
Shoshone: 6 lbs 9 oz (2977 grams).
Shawnee: 4 lbs 15 oz (2240 grams).
Sioux Stub Butt: 6 lbs 1 oz (2750 grams).
The vet visit took 2 hours!

On the leash
Our day-care trip didn't work out this week, so we had to think of something else to do. The puppies each got their first individual "walk" in a harness with leash.
Maddy and Kikka took shifts as "lead dogs", helping each puppy find the direction we were going in, it can be hard to take a direction, when there is so many places to go in this world.
They all caught on to the fact that they were "connected" to something, and each of them were exposed to a 10 minutes walk on the sidewalk with light traffic going by.
No fear, no apprehention, more so explorer attitude was the reaction they all had, and then of course tasting everything, including the leashes.
They have later tried to all walk together, now that was a challenge for all parties involved.

All pups on leash
Going in all directions
It was quite a challenge for all parties involved to walk all 5 at the same time.

Pups in harnesses
The puppies in their harnesses
"Hey, we were not done with all that walking stuff, there is much more to see, let us back out."

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Arapahoe chicken
Arapahoe and chicken
Sleeping arm in arm with the chicken.

Cheyenne rawhide
Cheyenne at break time
Nothing like a rawhide and a quiet moment.

Shoshone towel
Shoshone finds dish towel
"why do they hang the toys so high, come down here".

Shawnee drink
Shawnee keeping an eye
Even when drinking water, she is not missing anything.

Sioux w moose
Sioux and her toys
"Even when resting, she's nawing on a toy".

Arapahoe on walk
Jake's (Arapahoe) first walk
"I can't believe this, where's the fence line?".

Cheyenne on walk
Scout's (Cheyenne) first walk
"Hey you car, come back here and play".

Shoshone on walk
Kemosabe's (Shoshone) first walk
"Holy mackerel, there is no end to this".

Shawnee on walk
Panda's (Shawnee) first walk
"Wow, what an overview".

Sioux on walk
Suzy's (Sioux Stub Butt) first walk
"Wow I can't see to the end of this world".

Maddy snuggle
Maddy is back
Maddy has no milk after weaning a few days, and now she wants back to snuggle with her puppies.