Maddy and puppies (week 9a)

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Play on deck
Maddy is playing the games now
Maddy and Kikka are both playing with the puppies now,
and they both teach them "real doggy stuff".

8 weeks old and then some...
It is the last week the puppies are with us and they are getting ready to go. They have visited so many places and seen so many people and children and they are ready to go "out there" and see more.
They are more energetic as a group than ever, and everything is one big game, nothing "survives" getting in their way. Their daily trips outside had to be expanded, the house and a limited dog run was "too small" for 5 lively puppies.

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Pups with collar
Something got in the way and needs everybody's attention
This is something as simple as Maddy's collar, one would have thought it was a mouse, as much attention as it got.

The big yard.
All 5 puppies and Maddy and Kikka have enjoyed the trips outside every day, but the dog run could only do so much for them. The weather cooled down, so energy level went up.
We "puppy secured" the fence and opened up the entire yard to was like an explosion of puppies. They run, run, run and run, as fast and as long as their little legs will carry them. This is for quite a while now, for a Farm Dog puppy, it takes about 2 hours to "take the top off" their energy and settle them down.
Maddy most certainly enjoys playing with all of them outside now, and she's doing her share in adding to the "up-bringing", keeping them in line the best she can.
Just a couple of hours of sleep, and they are ready to go again, and they keep on going and going.
They are practicing all their skills, their noses, their digging skills, their "attack strategies", their speed and their turns. It is like one big agility course to watch them.

In the pictures to the right we have caught some "goofy sits".
This way of sitting in goofy positions is something Maddy is quite known for.

On leash at night.
The puppies tried to walk on a leash last week, and this week we added some darkness and walked them at night. This was a very new experience to all of them, but each of them did quite well, as either Maddy or Kikka accompanied each of them as "lead dog".
They have also each had an individual trip in the bath tub, and were all able to deal with the situtation quite well.
Naturally they all had to roll in the dirt in the back yard shortly after, this is something any real dog has to do after a bath.
We have taken most of this last week's pictures of the puppies outside, as this is where they really all show what they are: Natural, happy and playful little dogs.

Food in grass
Constructive lunch
Eating lunch in the sunshine and practicing nose-skills at the same time.

quiet in shade
The dog run got too small
One of the last times in the limited dog run, resting in the shade.

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Arapahoe run
Arapahoe aka Jake RUNS
"It just feels so good with all that room".

Cheyenne run
Cheyenne aka Scout RUNS
"Wonder how I'm going to stop, well, I'll worry about that later".

Shoshone run
Shoshone aka Kemosabe RUNS "Where was I going? Oh who cares, I'll just keep going".

Shawnee run
Shawnee aka Panda RUNS
"I'm the fastest, I'm the fastest, I'm the fastest..."

Sioux run
Sioux aka Suzy RUNS
"Look, I can flyyyyyyy".

Digging under board
Digging practice
"Hey, let's dig to China".

Looking out
"Triple goofy Maddy sit".
"This was when we realized the dog run was too small".

Arapahoe sit
Arapahoe, goofy sit 1

Cheyenne sit
Cheyenne, goofy sit 2

Shoshone sit
Shoshone, goofy sit 3

Shawnee sit
Shawnee, goofy sit 4

Sioux sit
Sioux, Goofy sit 5