DSFCA's 4th National breed specialty, Chicago IL, October 10th, 2009

The 2009 specialty show must have the sub headline "cold". That is how this show will be remembered. It was a windy, freezing, and moist day, and it was a relief to get back into the cars, after finishing up on the show grounds.
But the hard core show crowd is a dedicated one...the show must go on, and so it did!

This year Butch took vacation to come home and drive to the specialty show with me.
We had picked up Greta and Ginger (Sussi's Mother and sister) and in Omaha we stopped in and picked up the only "guy" in the pack of 6 dogs, namely Ranger.
Of course all 6 dogs slept in the bed under the covers!

We had a wonderful trip. Liz and Lill also drove out from WY, and joined us with Bailey and Birkita. As well as many other Farmdogs and their families, from near and far.

The handling and showing of 6 dogs made it difficult to find time for also taking pictures at the show. So even though Butch was a wonderful "kennel boy" (his new title for the weekend), and a well needed extra set of hands, my show picture collection this time is limited.
I also apologize for the indoor picture quality being rather poor. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. But hopefully the pictures show, that a lot of fun was had, by dogs and people alike.

The 2009 specialty show group, judge Bengt-Åke Bogren
from Sweden, is standing about in the middle

Show results, judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren, Sweden

Best of breed: My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Aka "Ranger")
Best of opposite Sex: Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Aka "Sussi")

Winners dog AND Best of winners: My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Aka "Ranger")
Reserve winner male: Emerald City's Ali (Aka "Trygve")

Best of winners female: Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Aka "Sussi")
Reserve winner female: Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer (Aka "Greta")

Best 3-6 months puppy: Stolta Ebbas Einride of Sweden (Aka "Jet)


Best of opposite sex Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (our "Sussi")


Best of breed My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (our "Ranger")


And the "wins" stayed in the family...Reserve winner female, Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer (Sussi's mom, our "Greta")


And Reserve winner male, Emerald City's Ali (Ranger's son "Trygve")

The fundraiser fun classes

Once again this year we had fund raiser classes, a new class was added "Happiest Farmdog". Those are specialty classes, and they are for fun, yet they do help bring the club some extra entry income, as well as some of them do serve an educational purpose.

The specialty classes were: Best head, best angulation, best movement, and Happiest farmdog. Object is to judge ALL of the dogs against each other, and select the top 3 for each category. Results were as follows:

Best head: 1. Emerald City's Ali ("Trygve")
1. My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød (Aka "Ranger")
3. Annika's Joaquin ("Frisco")

Best angulation:
1. Little Denmark's Mount Silverheels (Aka "Sussi")
2. Gonzo's Folmer ("Vago")
3. Winther's Lucy ("Lucy")

Best movement:
1. Gonzo's Folmer ("Vago")
2. My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød ("Ranger")
3. Javika's Prinsesse Madeleine ("Maddy")

Happiest Farmdog:
1. Annika's Joaquin ("Frisco")
2. Golden Gate's Chico ("Chico")
3. Javika's Bestle Nestle Kakao Ko ("Kikka")

ROAD TRIP Wyoming-Windy City

Our road crew is an experienced one anymore. All of them travel so well, are easy to have along, and get along great. Here a few pictures from our own trip experience.


5 good little girls gathered again the day before the great trip..."sit" for cookies


Fun to see how Greta and her 2 daughters automatically tend to "hang" together


Road trip started, the 2 little ones like to hang out with Grandma Maddy too


Butch and his Kikka girl snuggle in the car


A pit-stop walk in NE, from left: Kikka, Ginger, Sussi, Greta, and Maddy


Some little enthusiastic heads pop up, as we get closer to the hotel


We quickly got a routine of taking the dogs out in groups of 2, here Butch with Kikka and Maddy


A "fuzzy" play picture Butch with the "little dogs", Ginger, Sussi, Greta, and Maddy


Ranger entirely relaxed after playing with his harem of 5 girls!

Friday night, a heal work to music introduction class

What a blast this was for an evening activity!
First we all gathered outside in the cold, and practiced dog show for those wanting to do table and ring work.
Then we met in the meeting room, for our class, hosted by Jan Conradt.
It was a great way to get everybody involved in trying different elements, and it was a blast to see the different Farmdogs trying hard to quickly figure out, what was being asked from them.

Everybody was on the floor several times to do something with their dog. The dogs definitely loved it, and we had many great laughs.


Jan, the instructor demonstrating some moves with Chico


So Chico demonstrated he knew a few moves already!


Cali trying the skateboard, no problem!


Bailey forgot to ask for permission, before spontaneously flying into Bengt-Åke's lap...that's a hand full there!


Jet, the well behaved puppy!


Linda and Daisy trying some moves


Carol and Annika on the floor


Bailey doing the skateboard


Birkita giving it a try

Lucy looking like a pro


Target has it down


Frisco really wants to


Annika seems to say: "You get on that thing"


Vago has studied this stuff on the CA board walk!


Many great laughs were shared, Cindy, Sussi, and Butch enjoying the show


Like stated, my show pictures are limited this time, but here is what we have.
We did have a good time, even though we were all freezing. Who-ever had warm coffee on site in the morning, sure deserved a special prize, thanks!!!
Between the show grounds and the hotel, a few of us found a "water hole" later (for a great Irish coffee warm-up), which we enjoyed on the return both days.

Once again thanks to everybody for a great weekend, happy memories, and fun company!


The Farmdog camp is up and running


As always, the DSFCA mission statement banner is in place


DSFCA's own ribbons and awards for the specialty show


Birkita and big sis Griz in their kennel


Vago and Annika, Vago wearing the DSFCA harness


Our Kennel Little Denmark gang: Ranger, Ginger, Greta, Maddy, Sussi, and Kikka to the back


Ginger and Greta's girl at home has made me this beautiful display board about our kennel and puppies


4 of our girls...Mom, let us out to you!


Lill and Liz


The judge greeting the 9-15 months male class


Trygve being examined on the table


Chico on the table


Some of us at the pit stop we found, between the show grounds and the hotel


Last walk before loading up, and returning to WY


Me and all the girls, snuggling and pooped after a great trip, we'll for sure do it again, just not right now!