Ranger stand December 07
My Bonnie Øllebølle Øllebrød, AKA Ranger, almost 2 years old.
"Yes, I know I'm still handsome, what else is new?"

Ranger, as sweet as they come...

Ranger is born in Denmark on January 27, 2006.
Ranger is a free spirited happy-go-lucky guy, quite fearless and very playful and curious.
He is great with children and has his own 2 "people-puppies", whom he plays nice and gentle with. He also has a best buddy, a just about "look-alike", Mona. She is a Jack Russel Terrier and Beagle mix. It is suspected, that even though Mona is the older of the 2, Ranger might be running the show.
Ranger lives with our friends in NE, and is part of Kennel Little Denmark's breeding program.
Thank you so much Marianne for letting him come over "the pond" to be with his new family, he is loved very much!

Ranger Best in show reserve
1st show and Best in Show Reserve!
I KNOW I'm handsome, so what, wanna play or something?

October 2008 (2 yrs and 9 months old) : Ranger showed in 3 ARBA shows, New Jersey Classic, in Manalapan, NJ. One of the shows was the Third National Breed Specialty by DSFCA.
Judge Lilian Christensen, Denmark, gave Ranger an "excellent" rating, picked Ranger to be the "Winners Dog", then "Best of Winners" and then "Best of Breed".

September 2006 (7 months old) : Ranger showed in 3 ARBA shows, Rocky Mountain Classic, in Longmont, CO. One of the shows was the First National Breed Specialty by DSFCA.
Judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden, gave Ranger an "excellent" rating, picked Ranger to be the "Winners Dog", then "Best of Winners" and then "Best of Breed".
Ranger proceeded to take "Group 1" and finished as "Best in Show Reserve"...Beginner's luck?

Ranger sits
Paying attention and curious
Something really deserves intense attention

Ranger the puppy and later the dog
Ranger is a very smart little guy, he can be full of energy, but he also "poops out"...at least eventually!
He has graduated from puppy class as best in his class (less couldn't do) and will proceed to basic obedience training soon. He is quite attentive and listens well, unless he has un-finished puppy business of course.

Ranger is always gentle and sweet with the children, and now he's got one more...a little baby girl in fall of 2007. Congratulations Ranger and family!
Ranger seems to understand that baby is fragile, and will gently lick her hands, not her face.
Good boy Ranger!

Ranger and gang
Ranger and part of his family
Someone has cookies, obviously that attracts a crowd!

Ranger and Mona
The 2 of them are a funny pair...one minute Mona is the boss, the other Ranger calls the shots. They both love playing with each other, and seem to be a "meant to be" pair...both of them have the exact same coloring, even the few black hairs at the root of the tail. Very funny, that they were born on 2 different continents, and ended up together.
Mona is spayed, so there will be no "accidents", but they are still a very cute and harmonic pair.

Ranger and Mona play
Ranger and Mona play...who's who?
The 2 of them are obviously buddies!

Ranger 3 weeks old
Ranger 3 weeks old in Denmark
He was extremely cute from the very beginning.

Ranger 5 weeks old
Ranger 5 weeks old in Denmark
"I get to go to The USA? Cool!".

Ranger 9-10 weeks old
Ranger 9-10 weeks old in Denmark
"Okay, I'm ready to go now, USA here I come!"

Ranger home in The USA
Ranger home in The US
"Hey, they have real cool toys here!"

Meeting Maddy
Ranger meets Maddy
"Hey you lady, that was my bug".

Play tug
Ranger tugs
Most definitely ready for a good tug game, a real Farmdog

checking on Maddy
Checking on Maddy
"Whoa, you are really a lady, excuse me"

Hey Maddy?!!!
3 months later...
"Ahem...remember me?"

Ranger, Mona and Maddy
Ranger, Mona and Maddy
Ranger following Maddy, can't miss a thing, you know!

Ranger in bed
"I know I'm cute...
...what else did you expect?"