Maddy listening to judge
Getting instructions from the judge, November 2004, ARBA Hollywood Classic, Novice A.
"Hey mom, if you should miss something here, I'm catching every word she says.

Obedience competition in The US.

Maddy's first competition in The US
ARBA occasionally offers obedience competitions, and at our first chance at participating, Maddy was signed up.
This was November of 2004 at Hollywood Classic in Claremont, CA.
She thereby became the first Danish/Swedish Farmdog ever, to enter an obedience competition in The USA.
Maddy was entered in Novice A, the rules are exactly the same rules, as at AKC obedience events.
Maddy achieved an amazing 198 points of the 200 available, and placed herself as winner of the class.
Her closest "competition" was a Swedish Vallhund with 172 points, a very convincing victory to Maddy.
Thank you Maddy for a "job well done".

Exercises and scores
The max score is in italic. The points in bold are the points Maddy obtained November, 2004.
Heal on leash and figure 8 : 40 Maddy scored 39.
Stand for examination : 30 Maddy scored 30.
Heel free : 40 Maddy scored 39.
Recall : 30 Maddy scored 30.
Long group sit, 1 minute : 30 Maddy scored 30.
Long group down, 3 minutes : 30 Maddy scored 30.
Total score : 200 Maddy scored 198.

Maddy heeling
Maddy heeling free by foot.
Following along and watching the pace carefully.