Shoshone's exploring trip

Not to bring forward one puppy over the next, but to tell a little story about the one puppy, who decided to take a "stroll" and check out the entire place, while the rest were sleeping.
Shoshone came across Kikka on the way and the two shared quite a good time, before he got tired out and went back to the others.

Shoshone bathroom
First part of the trip.
Coming out after checking on the bath room, Kikka was waiting at the door, only Shoshone didn't quite have time for her yet.

The set-up
The puppies were relocated to the kitchen/living room area, with a half-circle of fence around part of the area. The other half is left open, so in reality the puppies are not contained in a specific area. The fencing merely provides a "horizon" on the one side, so they easily can overlook their entire play area. But they can just as easily get around and to the other side of the fencing.
Shoshone couldn't sleep, when the rest were napping, so he decided to take a trip out to check on a few things. Kikka followed him the entire time.

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The trip.
Shoshone started by looking around in the bath room. When he came out, Kikka was waiting for him at the door step.
He didn't quite have time for her, so he marched into the office and found the hand vac, which he decided to "kill", while he was there.
He then proceeded to look closer at a package of paper towels, while Kikka was trying to start a game with him, but he still had "stuff to do", ignored her attempts and walked into the living room.
Back in the living room, realizing how big the World was, he finally challenged Kikka to play (the pictures to the right).

shoshone hand vac
Killing the hand vac
"Boy I've been wanting to finish this thing off for a while now".

Shoshone paper towel
A package of paper towels
"I know what this stuff is, that's when all the other puppies have their accidents". Kikka is desperately trying to get his attention now.

The game.
The game started out as a very quiet and careful game, but Shoshone setting "the pace" it quickly developed to a real dog to dog game, as he had no scruples about Kikka or her size compared to his. It was obvious that he very much already has the "little big dog" attitude, which is so characteristic for the Farm Dogs.

pup in big world
Little dog in big World
He ended up back in the living room, and was happy to play with Kikka after his trip.

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Shoshone challenge
Challenge to play
"Ok little aunt, come on now".

Kikka challenge
Challenge back
"well, I have bigger teeth than you".

Shoshone bite leg
"Hey, stay put auntie, I'll bite your leg a little".

Shoshone bite tail
"Allright, let me taste your tail too"

...They played
"What's your next move?"

Shoshone push
"Don't sit up, I'll push you over again".

Kikka roll over
"I told you, down you go".

attack from front
Frontal approach
"All right, I'll show who is strongest".

Push Kikka over
Over again
"See? I'm in charge here, just so you know".

Kikka hold on
"That's not fair play, let me go"

Shoshone in face
On top again
"If you're playing like that, then take this".

little break
Like a big dog
"You know, you're really a cool aunt.

Check teeth
Checking teeth?
"Now that I'm looking at it, I don't really think your teeth are bigger than mine".

Shoshone bite fence
Biting fence
"See, my teeth can fix this thing here like it's nothing".

Too cute
"We're real buddies aren't we?"