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Our wonderful "Nikki" (My Bonnie Nøkkerose I Civil) is pregnant, so we are expecting puppies in February

Nikki og Ludvig
My Bonnie Nøkkerose I Civil ("Nikki") and
Luna-Lith's Frisko Fra Ledet ("Ludvig")


A bit about the parents to our coming litter

Nikki is a wonderful loving, un-complicated and well functioning dog. Always calm and nerve solid as a rock. Incredibly well-adjusted within the pack, stands strong on hers, without ever causing conflict.
She loves EVERYTHING and becomes ever so excited when she sees strangers, people as well as dogs, being they must all be her good old friends!
Nikki gave Sussi's 2012-pups all of her love and attention, and we are certain that she, just like her own Mother, will be an absolutely wonderful Mother to her own puppies.
We are looking much forward to see, what she is hiding inside of her big belly.

Nikki is breeding approved at a special breeding approval arrangement for Danish/Swedish Farmdogs, by judges Mikael Tranholm and Lilian Christensen, with the grade XXXX++.

As we are waiting, we are watching her belly grow and grow. You too can follow the process in pictures here, week-by-week: Nikki's belly project

Even though challenged by the weight and size of the big belly
she can still "guard" the window with the pack leader.


The puppies' Father is Luna-Lith's Frisko Fra Ledet, to friends known as "Ludvig". He is a lovely male, only short 1 CERT of being a Danish show champion. He has so far only sired one litter.
You can read more about Ludvig and his Father on their website here: Ludvig's website

"Ludvig" (Luna-Lith's Frisko Fra Ledet), very handsome
only short 1 CERT from being a Danish show champion.

If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to contact us:

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A puppy from Kennel Little Denmark
  • Our puppies are by breeding approved parents (this is no longer a DKK requirement)

  • The puppies have DKK pedigree, are sold on written contract, they are micro chipped, de-wormed, have first set of puppy shots, and a current health certificate from the vet.

  • Our puppies are insured by Agria's "Hidden fault insurance" until they are 2 years and 3 months old (the insurance also covers puppies sold to other countries than Denmark)

  • They will, just like all our previous puppies, be well socialized, be used to sounds and routines in and around a normal home, and have started house breaking. Plus of course they have learned "sit", and either learned, or have started to learn "down"

  • A Kennel Little Denmark's puppy is accompanied by a "start package", including amongst other items, some puppy food to begin with

  • Life long "support" is included as a given



For more info, please check our site later, or contact:

Kennel Little Denmark

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