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(updated March 25, 2013)

Nikki's puppies, sixth week
(All puppies are reserved now, new inquiries can be only be written up for contact, in case a reservation should cancel)

In snow and slush, even a little a farmdog must get out
Finally outside in the back yard
Cold snow and chilling wind does not prevent a farmdog puppy in getting outside, when it is 5-6 weeks old. First time these 6 tumblings were outside, they took in the area around the back door, with no hesitation, as a new room addition to their house. Exciting is it to taste it all - snow, dried grass, dead perennials, sticks, etc.
The first time they were out, they could handle the cold only for a few minutes, then it was right back into the warm house again. But as the week progresses, despite a worsening in the weather, they can, and they want to be out a bit longer each day. We take them out many times a day, thereby supporting potty training as good as possible. They get out every time right away, when they have slept, every time they have eaten, and every time they have been running around playing for a while. Of course we still have accidents inside, but this group is actually a really good "team". They often make it onto the newspapers, so we sense a certain conscience about it.

Nikki follows them in the back yard, and vise versa, and teaches them about life's priorities. But they are suprisingly independant, even towards the un-known, and investigate gladly on their own. As the week progresses they get around in a greater and greater area of the back yard.

at the milk bar
The milk bar is still open, but Nikki clearly controls the hours more

all eat
6 pack, not holding back, but chowing down!

With very brief trips outside, the greatest part of their lives is still lived indoors. Here hall-kitchen-hall, and at times hall-kitchen-living room-kitchen-hall now altered to a race track for 24 little drum stick paws, and now for up to over an hour at a time. Then they gradually downshift into a lower gear, just to get an up-flair right before they fall asleep and are out for a couple of hours.

To save the interior and lose objects, toys and chew things are added in substantial amounts and sizes, since nothing is too big to be attacked and plucked apart. We are constantly "making trades" with toys and chew bones for floor matts, socks, shoe laces and whole shoes, not to mention pant legs. Nothing is too big, nothing is sacred, everything must be tried, and it is done with sharp little puppy teeth and jaws which already have a surprising strength!

It is wonderful to see Fay help along with the puppies, interested and playful, as the youngest of our "adult" dogs, she is. She constantly stays near the activities, and it is not unusual that she with one of the toys gets the whole group in tow and pulls them along. They simply latch on, and gliding on their bellies, growling and tearing, Fay pulls them through the entire house.

We are of the opinion that all of them think they are called "no" for their middle name, and we take note of, that they by expressions in eyes and attitude very well knows, what it means, when having a hold of the carpet edge, the bottom of the wall paper, the corner of the buffet, etc. and the result is a "no"...a different matter is, if they right at that time, wish to hear it...yupp, they are indeed real farmdogs, with their own will and opinion about things :-)

Once they have run the "top" of the energy off, we spend a few seconds training "sit" with a dry food nugget. Within a very short time, it becomes something the group actually throws themselves at me, to participate in. It is such a joy to see a pack of such work willing and coorporative little ones, and it is promising for the future.

We can now let Nikki control the care taking of the puppies herself, as she has finally started to limit for how long, and how often she feeds them. She has also given the classic sign to wanting to wean them, which is common for farmdog mothers. Which is to over-eat of the puppies' food, walk around call them and drag them with her, just to throw up the semi digested food for them. The puppies throw themselves over it, and eat it all up in no time. Nature is just fantastic!

When curiousity and courage becomes more important than snow and cold

all outside
The puppies get out many times a day for short quick trips

What is right around the corner
When this week is over, we take just over a week's vacation at home with the puppies. Here we can finally within the coming week, begin to see how they each become as dogs. We take our time to look at this, because this is the most important. To get the puppies placed in exactly the home, and with the exact family, each of them fit best.

It is wonderful to sense such great involvement from these puppies' future families, and I can only humbly thank everybody for the trust and understanding, that is involved with so patiently waiting to know, which puppy will be theirs. It is so wonderful, that those who can, have chosen to come several times and visit as the puppies grow up, and thereby follow their development. They are some lucky little dogs, who have everything good to look forward to, with such engagement!

During the coming week everybody will be notified, and we are really looking forward to finally release the exitement.

chewing on chew things
We chew on good chews just before falling asleep

shoe rack
....and 3, 2, 1...light's out...

A puppy from Kennel Little Denmark
  • Our puppies are by breeding approved parents (this is no longer a DKK requirement)

  • The puppies have DKK pedigree, are sold on written contract, they are micro chipped, de-wormed, have first set of puppy shots, and a current health certificate from the vet.

  • Our puppies are insured by Agria's "Hidden fault insurance" until they are 2 years and 3 months old (the insurance also covers puppies sold to other countries than Denmark)

  • They will, just like all our previous puppies, be well socialized, be used to sounds and routines in and around a normal home, and have started house breaking. Plus of course they have learned "sit", and either learned, or have started to learn "down"

  • A Kennel Little Denmark's puppy is accompanied by a "start package", including amongst other items, some puppy food to begin with

  • Life long "support" is included as a given

If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to contact us:

Kennel Little Denmark's
v/Helene Riisgaard Pedersen
Tvindelstrupvej 31
4100 Ringsted

tlf: +4550579514

Email: Helene(at)farmdogs.net

(at)=@, this format is used to spare me from loads of automated spam and junkmail

Completed DKKs breeder education
Has completed DKK's breeder education


Little Denmark's
Good Gamble
now weighs 1989g/4 lb 6 oz.


Little Denmark's
Great Greta
now weighs 2030g/4 lb 8oz.


Little Denmark's
Genuine Gem
now weighs 2040g/4 lb 8 oz.


Little Denmark's
Glorious Gloria
now weighs 1850g/4 lb 1 oz.


Little Denmark's
Gifted Gent
now weighs 2175g/4 lb 12oz.


Little Denmark's
Gracious Gracy
now weighs 1895g/4 lb 3 oz.

all on the floor
Heated floor = flie paper, even the adult dogs are attracted

share dentastix
As Brothers we share...

Fay play
Fay is pulling a whole line of puppies along and the nice braded rope, which kennel Gårdbanditten (thank you Siff!) brought us, is a lot of fun, before giving in to the pressure...

play with toys
The strength of all the toys is tested

in the clog
Well, and then there are lose items, which really aren't toys...but such a size can't know that...or can she? ;-)

taste the outside
Snow or not, everything has to be tasted, high...

taste the snow
...as low

play with Fay
Fay is there all the time and plays along

exploring back yard
Rather quickly a greater and greater area is explored

tasting herbs
Tasting my frozen herbs

hanging over the edge
Check in with us next week...