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(updated March 15, 2013)

Nikki's puppies, fifth week
(All puppies are reserved now, new inquiries can be only be written up for contact, in case a reservation should cancel)

We want out
Out into the world
Now it's time for stuff to happen! Often when we let puppies out of the pen, they move about a little carefully the first time. Not Nikki's puppies. As if they have never done anything else, they race around like chicken with their heads cut off, everywhere. In a rush we have to move things out of the way, which we didn't assume they would discover that quickly. Even little details, they have eyes for...the knobs on the drawers, especially the bottom ones, are facing a difficult time!

They eat lots of puppy food, and now they can also start to chew the dry nuggets. They fight, they run, they attack each other, and they play with the toys, chew and tear everything, lose rugs and mats are no exception.

The oldest dogs would rather be without, when the puppies are going at it, but Fay wants to be part of it, and in between Sussi shows great interest in getting the puppies to play with her.
At the end of the week, the kitchen and hallway is too small of an area...then it is good to be able to turn on the floor heat in the back hall. Just a little bit of warmth in the weather would be nice, so they could come along outside. But that is not looking like it'll come anytime soon...

Discover Nikki
Mom, we are hungry

Nikki with the puppies
Nikki loves to stay with the puppies...and then of course one can always check what kind of kong stuffing they have ;-)

To shape good chewing habits
It is inevitable that from now on, and until the puppies have changed teeth (at 6 months of age), they have a huge need to chew on something, preferrably all the time. We try to be there with items we would like for them to get in a habit of chewing on, so that we from the beginning can attempt to spare some hands, shoes, panels etc. Not that we can avoid that they have to try themselves on that too, but we can give them things, which they longevity wise, might find more rewarding and attractive to chew on.

We have over the years found that KONG rubber toys is very suited for this purpose. It can turn into an art to fill exciting and well smelling stuffing into them. We give them to the puppies, when they have exhausted themselves, because just before they go to sleep, they really like to naw on something. Aside from the kongs, they also get little rawhides, and they are very interested in all of it. When they have nawed themselves to sleep on the things we give them, something has succeeded!

Nikki still wants very much to feed the puppies. We're still looking out for her, because it appears she doesn't have a "stop button" herself...she doesn't tell them off, but keeps laying milk down again and again, apparently for as long as the puppies want to, which is rather un-limited.

All eat
The puppies are eating really well now, and many little meals during the day

The puppies play with the toys, which have a rather limited life span

Shaping and training
The fact is, that we vacuum more than normal, when we have puppies. With that said, Nikki is rather immune to the vacuum cleaner, and that shows clearly in her puppies too, that when Mom doesn't care, then they don't care either. All together these 6 appears to be as nerve sturdy as they mother.
The adult dogs are very loud, when someone comes, or when they see something outside the window...it is normal that puppies hunker down or run away and hide, when the adult dogs are barking, but even when the 5 adult dogs are barking loud and go nuts, Nikki's puppies react minimally. Often they ignore them entirely, or they even run along to see what's going on.

To begin with, when they came out of the pen, we would often see a puppy go back after playing, to pee on the newspapers. As the energy and wildness rises, the memory unfortunately is getting shorter on this element. Then it is time to start getting the puppies outside, cold or not, during the coming week, they have to get out several times a day, if nothing else, then on short trips.

Now that they have started to be able to chew the dryfood, we can also in the coming week start a little bit of training of little fun things with the puppies.

The puppies' many visitors are warned against wearing shoes with shoe laces, and clothes with buttons, fringes and similar lose and dangling elements, are also your own responsibility! :-)

puppy with kong
The kongs are great for trying to control what the chewing is taken out on

shoe rack
It didn't take 5 minutes, then the shoe rack was discovered...shoe laces can be brought along, but are your own responsibility!

A puppy from Kennel Little Denmark
  • Our puppies are by breeding approved parents (this is no longer a DKK requirement)

  • The puppies have DKK pedigree, are sold on written contract, they are micro chipped, de-wormed, have first set of puppy shots, and a current health certificate from the vet.

  • Our puppies are insured by Agria's "Hidden fault insurance" until they are 2 years and 3 months old (the insurance also covers puppies sold to other countries than Denmark)

  • They will, just like all our previous puppies, be well socialized, be used to sounds and routines in and around a normal home, and have started house breaking. Plus of course they have learned "sit", and either learned, or have started to learn "down"

  • A Kennel Little Denmark's puppy is accompanied by a "start package", including amongst other items, some puppy food to begin with

  • Life long "support" is included as a given

If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to contact us:

Kennel Little Denmark's
v/Helene Riisgaard Pedersen
Tvindelstrupvej 31
4100 Ringsted

tlf: +4550579514

Email: Helene(at)farmdogs.net

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Completed DKKs breeder education
Has completed DKK's breeder education


Little Denmark's
Good Gamble
now weighs 1562g/3 lb 7 oz.


Little Denmark's
Great Greta
now weighs 1572g/3 lb 8oz.


Little Denmark's
Genuine Gem
now weighs 1583g/3 lb 8 oz.


Little Denmark's
Glorious Gloria
now weighs 1512g/3 lb 3 oz.


Little Denmark's
Gifted Gent
now weighs 1697g/3 lb 12oz.


Little Denmark's
Gracious Gracy
now weighs 1531g/3 lb 6 oz.

3-way tug of war

You talking to us?

Multi tasking, minding puppies and kong

Hello Fay
Fay so much wants to be part of

Hi Kikka
Kikka doesn't mind saying hello, but she doesn't want to stick around and play

taste vacuum
wonder if it tastes as funny as it sounds?

attack purse
Girsl attacking purse

lunch bag
Boys attacking lunch bag

Therapy. For the breeder that is ;-)
Maddy is rather jealous