(updated February 6, 2013)
We have puppies!

On February 5th, 2013 Nikki (My Bonnie Nøkkerose I Civil) gave birth to 6 puppies.

Nikki had 3 males and 3 females, and they will be ready to move into their future new homes from around the middle of April.

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0-3weeks 3-6weeks

If you are interested in a puppy from Nikki's litter, you are welcome to contact us:

Kennel Little Denmark's
v/Helene Riisgaard Pedersen
Tvindelstrupvej 31
4100 Ringsted

tlf: +4550579514

Email: Helene(at)farmdogs.net

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Nikki with her 6 puppies
A tired Nikki resting with her puppies after a long, but perfect text book birth

Who is who?
who is who
A little peak from above with designation of who is who (numbers represent the order in which they were born)

Nikki's first litter
About 6 days earlier than projected, Nikki's puppies were ready to make an entry to the world.

Based on their birth sizes (8.2oz -10oz) they were indeed ready to come, and we are happy that Nikki didn't have to give birth to puppies that had grown even larger. As a first time Mother, it was tough enough that the two largest puppies had to come first!

But Nikki, as with everything, did it all with no fuzz, nice and easy going.
She had 3 males and 3 females, mixed in order as first a male, then female, then male, then female, male, female. Very nicely organized in that way.

The first puppy was finally born at 8:01 AM and the last one at 12:44. "Finally" because contractions had started already at around 3:30AM.

All of the puppies are tricolored, it looks like some will become very brown in the faces, and there might be a tendency to a dark brown trend in the spots on some of them. As they develop time will tell.

All of the puppies seem to be doing really well, they are eating and sleeping, and everything is quiet in the puppy box. Nikki is an awesome little Mother, attending to her puppies, feeding them well, and keeping them warm and clean.

Check back for updates in the coming weeks, as the puppies grow.

If you want to read about the puppies' parents, Click here

quiet in the box
If they don't eat, they sleep

puppies w numbers
Designation of who is who
Nikki eating
Nikki's neck can really stretch long so she doesn't have to leave her puppies in order to eat

For more info, please check our site later, or contact:

Kennel Little Denmark

Completed DKKs breeder education
Has completed DKK's breeder education

Puppy 1
Puppy #1, a male
Born at 8:01 AM at 270g
9.5 oz.

Puppy 2, a female
Born at 8:59 AM at 285g/
10 oz.

Puppy 3, a male
Born at 9:24 AM at 262g/
9.2 oz.

Puppy 4
Puppy 4
Puppy 4, a female
Born at 11:06 AM at 242g/
8.5 oz.

Puppy 5
Puppy 5
Puppy 5, a male
Born at 12:24 PM at 242g/
8.5 oz.

Puppy 6
Puppy 6
Puppy 6, a female
Born at 12:44 PM at 233g/
8.2 oz.