Puppie-Gallery week 5
Exploring in week 5.

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Kikka in whelpingbox
Pups move out, Kikka move in
"My turn next time, I'll get used to this".

Shoshone in closet
Shoshone found the dog food closet
"Hey, I smell something, what's in here?

Shawnee vac
Shawnee checking vacuum cleaner "This noisy thing is awfully quiet".

Arapahoe vac
Arapahoe looking behind vacuum
"Where do you turn this thing on?

Shawnee food
Shawnee finds food closet
"That boy is right, it does smell good in here".

Sioux in closet
Sioux checking food closet
"Hey, there is some up here too in that bucket".

Sioux Paper towel
Sioux found paper towel
"I'm NOT chewing just so you know, I'm only tasting".

Nanny Kikka
Kikka the nanny
"Why don't y'all stay here where I can keep and eye on you".

Sioux phone
Sioux's phone call
"You say WHAT? Don't you talk like that"

Shoshone vac
Shoshone finds vacuum
"Don't move now, I'm checking you out".

Cheyenne vac
Cheyenne holding vacuum
"Don't worry Shoshone, I've got it"

Carry-on bag
Another new puppy hang-out
A carry-on bag has expanded the sleeping quarters...and then again, seems like it got tighter.

Kikka gatekeeper
Kikka the "gate keeper"
Kikka wasn't going to let Cheyenne escape.

Hold the fort
Holding the fort
Cheyenne is stubborn

Kikka in trouble
Getting in trouble
She's putting up quite a fight.

Lost battle
Loosing the battle
"One does what one set out to do".

Cheyenne won
Nice attempt Kikka
Stubborn and determined little lady.