US Obedience
Maddy in Place position
All exersices in Denmark, start and end with the dog in "place" position.
Maddy in Place after healing pattern, listening to the judge's evaluation. Maddy got highest possible score in this exersice on her second day of trials.
All the pictures are from "day 2".

Obedience competition in Denmark.

About obedience
In Obedience class I, there is a total of 9 point-counting exersices. One is "over-all impession", how the dog and the handler works together and understand the trials, so it's really "only" 8 exersices the dog needs to perform.
The rules are quite different from US-obedience, i.e. scent-trials are already a part of the beginner's class in Denmark.
Also the dog has to show, that it can make change of position (down, sit, down) from a short distance by a combination of command and sign-language. There is rules for exactly which commands can be used, and if a command has to be repeated, to make the dog do the exersice, it will cost points immidiately.
The position with the dog sitting by left foot, facing forward is the starting and ending position of all exersices. The command "Place" must not be used at stops during healing, nor when completing the jump.The dog MUST take the position automatically. A command from handler costs valuable points.
Finally, if the dog in "place-postition" is not sitting absolutely straight forward, aligned with the handler, it will cost points too. So this starting and ending position is very important in the final total score, as it is a part of every single exersice.

The Class I exersices,in brief
The max score in each exersice is 10 points. The points in ( ) are the points Maddy obtained first on day one, and second on day two.
Showing teeth : The handler shows the judge ALL the dog's teeth, also the ones in the back.The dog must not at any time open it's mouth or stick the tounge out, and the exersice must not seem "forced".(10);(10)
Healing on lead : The judge guides the handler in a pattern, forward, left, right, about, slow, fast, stop, 2 steps forward, 2 steps backwards. The line must never be tight, the dog must not be "tugged" around corners or be in the way, and the dog must follow handler exactly by left foot. Points are taken off for adjusting speed to dog's speed. The only command is "heal" or "place", before take-off from a stop, incourragement may be used in class I, but no extra commands are allowed for the "place" position at stops.(8.5);(10)
Stand : The dog and handler takes off at a heal, and at a marked point, the command "stand" must make the dog stand at that point.The handler walks further to another marked point, and must stay in position for 15 seconds, then return to the dog, and command "place" is used when judge gives sign. The dog must not move, as little as one paw, during the stand exersice.(9);(9.5)

Stand Stay
Maddy doing Stand exersice.
The dog is not allowed to move as much as one foot, during this exersice.

Jump : From position in front of jump, the command "jump" is given. The dog must take off, and jump the obstacle. The handler must follow around the obstacle, but not move untill the dog has started the jump. Handler and dog must be in "place" position sooner that 5 yards after the jump. The only command allowed in this exersice is "jump".(9.5);(10)
Change of position : The handler commands dog "down","stay" and leaves. At a marked point handler turns around, and dog is to change position 2 times. From down to sit,and back to down. Handsignal may be used, but not exaggerated. The handler returns to dog and commands "place" at sign from judge.(10);(10)
Call in : The dog is commanded "stay" and handler walks away to marked point. At sign from judge handler commands "place", and the dog must depart immidiately, without hesitation, and with no further commands run to the handlers right side, and around the back to the left side place-position. Only one command is allowed in this exersice.(9);(8.5)

Recall ready
Ready to call Maddy in.
Only one command is allowed in this exersice. "Come" or "place" are the most common. The command can only be used once.

Maddy on her way to me
"I'm coming right now, mom, I'm on my way".

Scent exersice : 2 identical wood-sticks, one with the handler's scent (marked with an "X" on the end), one without any scent, are placed, while the dog looks, at a short distance. The handler can not be looking to see, which is which of the two. The handler turns around, and the command "search" is given. The handler may encourrage in class I, and repeat "search" several times, but no other command. The dog must move forward, smell BOTH sticks, pick the correct one, and return to handler's right side, around the back, and into place-position. The dog must hold the stick untill the handler, on a sign from the judge, takes it. The stick is checked for teeth-marks, the dog is not allowed to tew the item. If the exersice exceeds 2 minutes, the dog is failed.(8.5);(8.5)
Group down : 4-6 dogs are spaced out with around 6 feet between them. Handlers command "down", "stay", and leave all at the same time. At marked point they turn around and stand for 1 minute, then return to dogs, who are commanded from down to place. The dog must not move, get up or crawl toward another dog.(10);(10)
Over-all impression: The judge decides how the handler and dog over-all work together and how well they understand the trials. How willing and happy the dog appears, and how well the handler supports the dog, matters a lot in this judgement.(9);(10)

Note: Most of Maddy's half-points lost, were due to her being slightly angled out of alignment with me, when sitting in "place" position.
Maddy obedience jump
Jump exersice
"Jump" is the only command.When dog is in the jump, the handler is allowed to move. Not sooner.

Maddy place after jump
Finish to Jump exersice
A Perfect finish, with Maddy in "place" position, less than 5 yards from jump.

judge place scent object
Scent exersice
Judge placing 2 scent objects with the dog looking, not the handler (I was watching Maddy).

picking correct object
Maddy picking scent
Maddy had 1 month to learn this exersice, and she always picks the correct object. BUT, she wants to play with it, so I chose to praise her, once she picked up the stick, not to make her loose track of what we were doing. This cost me the 1 1/2 point, but it was my choice, rather than loosing the entire exersice and get a 0.

Maddy return w scent
Returning with stick
Maddy proud to return with her choice - she knows it's the right one.

approach to position
Taking position
The dog must, with no command, bring the stick to place position. As you might be able to tell, this is a very long exersice, with lots of little detail, that can go wrong. It's the hardest of them all in this class.

hold object and wait
Hold it and wait
The dog must not drop the stick, nor may it tew it. It has to hold the stick and wait 'till the judge gives handler the sign to let the dog deliver.

Maddy delivers
Maddy delivers, when prompted. Notice her ears hanging, disappointed that she didn't get to play with the stick and me.

Change of position
From down to sit. I find myself, that this is a little too much body-language, but the judge accepted it without comment.

chng pos.down
From sit to down
Maybe he accepted because I decided only to use voice command to make her lay down afterwards.

Maddy at heal
Healing exersice
Maddy at a perfect heal, during the entire exersice, always checking and placing herself correctly by my left foot.

about turn heal
About turn
Even at a running pace, she manages the "about turn", and stays by my left foot.

2steps back
Two steps back
When stepping back, the dog must immidiately find the "place" position.Maddy is trained to do this from my right side, to get the best alignment possible.

heal fisnish
Finish to "two steps back"
This time we succeded in having the correct alignment, finishing our healing exersice to a perfect score.

Proud Maddy
All done
This little Farmdog KNOWS she did a great job.....Mom is happy, so is Maddy, just waiting for her reward.