This page is dedicated to our puppy families.

We will post pictures and stories here, of our Little Denmark puppies, from their adventures out in life, sent to us by their families.
We thank you all so much for all these wonderful pictures!

2005 litter

Little Denmark's Benedicte The Poineer, AKA Cheyenne, by Maddy.

Cheyenne was born on September 3, 2005 at 1:43 AM
Cheyenne lives in CA, where she has settled in well with her new family, and her "big Sis" Lexie, a yellow Labrador. Her family now wonders what they did, before they had Cheyenne, they love her much. Cheynne is said to be very stubborn...hmmm sounds like a family trait to us!
Cheyenne has completed puppy classes, and is continuing on with obedience classes. She travels along in the family's camper, which she really likes, and visits the CA beach and desert for fun.
Obviously playing with Lexie, is something she enjoys very much, Cheyenne plays rough, and Lexie just takes the punches.
Cheyenne has early on proved to be a real Farmdog, she brought her family a rat for Christmas. Made us proud!

picking up Cheyenne
Cheyenne was picked up at the Claremont show.

Play with Lexie
Still Queen of tug-of-war

Cheyenne and Lexie snuggle
Big dogs sleep in big kennels, little dogs snuggle too

picking up Cheyenne
A real Farmdog brings the first catch to her best friend!

Cheyenne and Kitty
"It took a while for me and Kitty to meet, and we have many of the same interests"

MY bed!
"But I'm the queen of the bed!

Little Denmark's Birgitte The Conqueror, AKA Emma, by Maddy.

Emma is born September 3, 2005 at 2:45 AM.
Emma lives in MA, where she has a lot to take care of. Visiting the horse barn with the family's 2 horses every day is just one of her chores.
She has completed puppy classes and a basic obedience class, and she has done really well, but also likes to play with the other dogs. She is trying to get used to "the white stuff", snow.
Emma has plans of beginning ground work agility, so she can begin the real class, when she is old enough to jump.
At home she is beginning to enjoy quite a few "priviledges", one is sleeping in the big girls' bed in the evening. Her family loves her.

Emma and Daddy
Me and my "Daddy" love each other

Ahhh I like to be the puppy!

In bed
Which one is stuffed and which one is real?

Emma in the leaves
The leaves and I
match in colors!

Emma and Holly
I'm sitting, I'm sitting,
do I get the cookie?

Little Denmark's Boerge The Explorer, AKA Samson, by Maddy.

Samson was born on September 3, 2005 at 3:20 AM.
Samson lives in FL, and has already taught the world around him, that he is the center of everything. He has his very own kitty, and the 2 of them are obviously very bonded.
He has completed several classes since puppy class, and passes every one with honors. Lately he has started agility ground work class, so he will be ready for the real agility class, when he is old enough to jump.
Samson has also tried to be a "show dog", which he liked a lot.
He goes everywhere with his family, and they love him very much.

With the kids
I have 2 "people-puppies" to snuggle with

Playing w kitty
"I beat up kitty..."

In cat tree
"...and then I steal the cat tree".

"But it's nicer to sleep together!"

Samson and big ball
"Wanna play ball?"

Samson and ribbons
Samson's "harvest" from his first show March 18 2006. He is hereby breeding approved.

Little Denmark's Berta The Adventurer, AKA Greta, by Maddy.

Greta was born on September 3, 2005 at 4:20 AM.
Greta lives in CO, where she is learning about cold winters. She enjoys to be inside and cuddle with her family, and follow everything going on. They love her very much.
She has completed puppy class and is moving on with obedience, and she is doing really well...we hear she is so fast, that the exercises have to be specially "customized" for her. She already has a secret admirerer, we hear he is a Boxer. We also hear, that Greta is a "pointer", maybe some day, she will "flush" too.
Greta has had her Mama-dog and Auntie Kikka visit, which she always thinks is cool!
She has also tried to fly on an airplane, when she went on spring break to CA with her family. Greta took that in stride, just like her Mama-dog does!

Cuddle w girl
Snuggle with her girl-people-puppy

cuddle w boy
"I also have me a boy-people-puppy"

Race w Mama dog
"I can outrun my Mama-dog...almost I think"

Maddy and Berta
Visit November '05
"Mom took my bed and my Bone, so I just crawled all over her"

The kitchen trick
"Mom and Auntie visited in March '06, and they too know the kitchen trick!"

CA beach
Me and my family flew to CA, all us kids LOVED the beach!

Little Denmark's Bernhardt The Discoverer, AKA Bernie, by Maddy.

Bernie was born on September 3, 2005 at 5:20 AM.
Bernie lives in NY, and he has also settled in very well with his new family. He has graduated his first class, puppy class, and is moving on with basic obedience class.
He is said to be very clever, but we knew that! His family also loves him much.
Bernie is still a "belly-up" kind-a-dog.
Last we heard, Bernie is said to be "part submarine" least we know he moves as fast in water as on ground, especially if there happens to be ducks in that water!

play w boy
"I too have my very own people puppy"

3 boys snuggle
"And I am one of 3 snuggle-boys"

And of course we had to bring this one, some things never change!

Bernie w football
"I'm a seasoned football player now"

Bernie and Hilde tug
Playing tug with Flora's Buttercup, AKA Hilde at visit in February '06