Maddy and Rufus
Rufus and Maddy getting together...

Maddy and Rufus...

On Monday the 26th of January, Maddy was mated to Rufus.
We consider this part successfull, especially since the two "turtle doves" repeated the "event" on Wednesday the 28th.
If indeed we are successfull, pups should be born on March 29th. Being that this is Danish time, it would be March 28th US time...VERY exciting!

Rufus sit cute
Rufus, not just handsome, but also full of personality.

For more info, please check our site later, or contact:

Kennel Little Denmark

Maddy and Rufus meet
Playing "hard to get"
Maddy felt he had to catch her first.

Maddy and Rufus play
"Let's just play all day".

Maddy and Rufus stand-off
ok, who caught who?.

Rufus' face
Rufus face
His expression shows how sweet and loving he is.

Rufus stand1
"What do You have?".

Rufus stand2
"I know You have a cookie!".

Rufus attention
"Was that a bird?".

Rufus thinking
"Where did Maddy go?".

Rufus sit
"Ok, are You going to give me that cookie?".

Rufus on hinds
On the hinds
"that bird was up here somewhere..."

The proof
"The proof"
Would "stuck on You" be appropriate here?.

Javika's Erica Erantis
Rufus' mother "Javika's Erica Erantis", alias "Guffi".