Maddy and puppies (week 7a)

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Maddy play Kikka
The big girls "let loose"
Maddy showing she's happy and relieved, the puppies can be outside, and she
decided to pick up playing again with her little sister as they used to.

The age 6 weeks weights
Two things are making the weighing more complicated and less perfect. For one thing, the scale is getting too small for these big puppies, and another thing is, that they have a harder time sitting still, even though they are weighed when they are tired.
Due to this we do consider the weights more "approximate", but they are "close enough".

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We thank You for Your patience.

Girls&pups play
Puppies are catching on
Realizing that mama all of a sudden is turning out to be a possible play mate, the puppies started getting into the big dogs' wild game.

The puppies 6 weeks old.
This week the puppies have been outside in the big dog run every day. They have also had access to the deck through the kitchen door, which has been open all day long.
One day they were even able to "take in" some light construction in the front yard. The "game" is to familiarize them with as many sounds and as much activity going on in regular life around them as possible.
They are showing very clear signs of appreciating the outdoors, and they love the smells and they feel free to play even wilder and longer. Even though it has been hot, it is obvious when they get really wound up indoors, that a trip outside is what they really need. They have been out for 1-1 1/2 hour trips 3-4 times a day.
Arapahoe is turning out to be the "cool dude". He is calm and collected, thoughtful and observant. He is very much a cuddle boy, but he can play quite wild too, when he feels his "input" is needed. He is very conscientious on his potty training and is responding very well to bite-inhibition training. He likes to crawl up into someone's lab, rather than jump towards the face when he greets people, and he growls to get attention. He likes to RUN in the grass outside. He looks to be curled up by a human when tired
Shoshone Shoshone is a little "no-worry-in-the-world" kind of guy. He is a bundle of joy, activity and energy, and always in the middle of the "action". He climbs people to get to their faces to greet, and he has improved on the bite-inhibition training, but makes mistakes because he gets so excited. He knows his potty training, but cares less when he's busy. He also likes to snuggle with a human when he's tired.
Cheyenne is free spirited happy girl, very out-going and always pushing the others to greet people first. She has LOTS of energy and spends it on whatever catches her attention. She is also doing well on potty training, but still has times where she has no time for it. She is understanding the bite-inhibition concept, and also gets excited enough that she forgets. She curls up by a human, when tired, and is like "gele" when sleeping.
Shawnee Shawnee is also a free and happy girl, always busy and always looking for "trouble". She also wants to greet people first and crawl all over them. She is doing good on bite-inhibition training and shows understanding the concept, but still "can't help a nip" when excited. Her potty training is very close to 100%. She also looks to curl up by a human when she's tired, but if something's going on, she's up and at it again.
Sioux Stub Butt Has "blumed" this week. She is a very loving and devoted little girl, and full of happy energy. She is almost impossible to take a picture of, always moving in "jumps of joy". She plays quite wild with Kikka, and she has figured out how to get up into the recliner, as the only one, her longer legs giving her advantage. She's much like Cheyenne on potty training, and she's really understanding the bite-inhibition training, but also forgets. When she greets people, her little tail is wagging so funny, and she loves to crawl/jump up towards the face and give kisses.


An out-door picnic
Maddy still occasionally lets the puppies have a little snack, and she can deal with it being in the shade.

The litter at 6 weeks.
The litter has developed this week into real little dogs. The out-door trips has been the biggest events, and they are now carrying "stuff" around with them, paying great attention to even little details in their surroundings. A small nail in a fence 2 feet up, can provide a lot of entertainment. They are digging and tasting everything.
The energy and happiness in each of the puppies is evident. They all love to have a human involved in their game, a common trade of their breed. When a person sits down on the floor or the ground with these puppies, they jump, climb, crawl all over that person, to be petted, play or get any kind of attention, and they are all tail wags and love.
Maddy is showing signs of wanting to play with the puppies, if she could just keep them from "latching on" for milk. In many cases they are starting to know that they might as well not even try. This is obviously a relief to Maddy; she has started to "let loose" and become her good old playful self.

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Arapahoe 6wks
Arapahoe 6 weeks old
Now appoximately 3 lbs 13 oz
(1730 grams).

Cheyenne 6wks
Cheyenne 6 weeks old
Now appoximately 3 lbs 6 oz
(1530 grams).

Shoshone 6wks
Shoshone 6 weeks old
Now appoximately 4 lbs 10 oz
(2097 grams).

Shawnee 6wks
Shawnee 6 weeks old
Now appoximately 3 lbs 9 oz
(1629 grams).

Sioux 6wks
Sioux Stub Butt 6 weeks old
Now appoximately 4 lbs 2 oz
(1860 grams).

Arapahoe from front

Cheyenne from front

Shoshone from front

Shawnee from front

Sioux Stub Butt from front

A Mother's Day surprise
"Hey, there's stuff in here for us".

Maddy checking her present
"Let me see what's in this bag"

Kikka found the moose
"Allright, it squeeks, I love it".

Maddy found the cookie bag
"Allright, whenever you're ready, are you going to give me one?".
Thank you to The Pace's, all the pups and the "mama girls" love the toys and the treats.