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Maddy's first litter
Maddy's first litter...

Maddy had 5 puppies on Saturday March 27.
After a VERY tough morning, Maddy and her 5 puppies are doing well. Maddy could not give birth to the first puppy, and had to have a C-section.
Once it was determined that this was needed, it went VERY fast, and within no time, we were able to add 5 more little "citizens", to The Danish-Swedish Farmdog Group.
This is the 5th US born litter, and these little puppies are number 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 to be born in The US.
Maddy took to her pups, as soon as she woke up from anaesthesia.
She is a very caring mom, and show a strong instinct to care for her puppies, not even realizing she had surgery herself.
Within just 2 hours, we were able to bring Mom and kids home.

Please be adviced, that we might take a few days on responding to e-mails.
We thank You for Your patience.

The puppies.
There is 2 boys and 3 girls, all in strong and healthy condition.
The girls weigh 8.0 , 8.5 and 9.0 OZ. The boys both weigh 9.5 OZ. All very normal birth size, and all quite equal.
One even is a born "Natural Bob-tail", confirming our suspicion, that Maddy genetically is a Natural Bob-Tail herself.

The names
We chose indian tribe names, for symbolism of "Native American", of Wyoming and Montana, which at the same time are "local" tribes to us.
In continuation of the bloodline's Bob-Tail "last names", we HAD to add "Stub Butt" to her name, the direct translation of the Danish "Stumprumpe".

Day 4 observations.
Now all have grown, and all look well-fed with big puppy-bellys, like little bears. Everybody is going strong, and get their share at meal time.
#17 is the biggest male, and quite "pushy" for good milk-outlets. He "talks" until he gets, what he wants.
#18 is the "quiet girl", steady at her "thing" often latched to a nipple, while sleeping, and never complaining about a thing.
#19 the smaller male, "shops around" when his choice of milk-outlet is empty, often succeeding in getting "double ration". He expresses clearly if he's not satisfied with his own choice.
#20 the smallest female, is trying to catch up, and often pushes one of the males away, as if she knows, they are at the best spots. She always cuddles with someone, when she sleeps.
#21 has out-grown them all, and seem to go for "walks" around in the box frequently, displaying a lot of speed and strength, and sneaking "snacks" between meals. Today she even "walked" right out of the box, making Maddy quite upset. I see her snuggle with Maddy, more than the others, as if she knows she's special, being the first US-born Bob-tail
Maddy is doing a great job as mother, and does not even want to leave her pups, when she has to go out-side, so we need to litterally LIFT her out of the box, and carry her out. She does her business in less than a minute, and RUNS back to her puppies. A very devoted, and very responsible mother.

Arm in Arm
Brother and sisters in arms
Nothing like sleeping arm in arm...these pups know about the good things in life!

For more info, please check our site later, or contact:

Kennel Little Denmark

Male 1 (17)
Strong boy at 9.5 oz.

Female 1 (18)
"Smallest female 8 oz".

Male 2 (19)
Another big boy at 9.5 oz.

Female 2 (20)
"Middle" female at 8.5 oz

Female 3 (21)
Biggest girl at 9.0 oz. This is the one born with a Natural Bob-tail.

puppies eat
Later in the day...
Nice and quiet "snack" time, filling the little puppy-bellys.

cuddle with mama
A special moment
Nothing like a cuddle with mama.

Male1 Day4
Little Denmark's Arapahoe
#17, day 4, now 11 5/8 oz.

Female2 Day4
Little Denmark's Cheyenne
#18, day 4, now 11 oz.

Male2 Day4
Little Denmark's Shoshone
#19, day 4, now 11 1/4 oz

Female2 Day4
Little Denmark's Shawnee
#20, day 4, now 10 5/8 oz

Female3 Day4
Little Denmark's Sioux Stub Butt
#21, day 4, now 11 7/8 oz