Maddy's growth week 5-8
Maddy started showing signs at 5 weeks of pregnancy. Now, at 8 weeks, we have only one week to go...

Click picture for close up view

Stand 5 weeks
Stand at 5 weeks
Still in Denmark.

Roll 5 weeks2
Showing puppies week 5
"Rub my belly"

Side 5weeks3
5 weeks from side
Relaxing position.

Stand 6 weeks
Stand at 6 weeks
Getting ready to leave Denmark

Roll 6 weeks2
Showing puppies week 6
"Rub my belly some more"

Side 6 weeks3
6 weeks side

Stand 7 weeks
Stand at 7 weeks
Back in The US.

Roll 7 weeks2
Showing puppies week 7
"Would You look at this?"

Side 7 weeks3
7 weeks side
From Denmark To The US, still time to nap

Stand 8 weeks
Stand at 8 weeks
Getting ready to burst.

Roll 8 weeks2
Showing puppies week 8
"Aaarhh, what have we done?"

Sit 8 weeks3
Sitting week 8
"I'm sitting all over the floor".

Introducing Whelpingbox
"Wonder what this is for".

Check Box
Checking it out
"hmm, not too bad".

Settle In Box
Settling in
"Ok pups, You can come, I'm ready".