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Maddy and Kikka
Our love for our dogs is greater than the wish to produce puppies.

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a rare breed in The US, and a small breed in it's origin countries - Denmark and Sweden. We are a member of ARBA (American Rare Breed Association), DKK (Danish Kennel Club), DSGK (the Danish Breed Club), RDSG (the Swedish Breed Club), and DSFCA (Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America). We comply with the code of ethics and breeding-guidelines provided by DSFCA and the Danish oganisations. We have an extensive mission-statement, as there are a lot of important issues to take into consideration, when working with this particular breed. Our love for our dogs, and the breed, is greater than the wish to produce puppies.

Breeding Program
Based on the above, we will be carefull and selective in our breeding. We will always keep the Danish-Swedish standard in mind, when picking partners for our dogs, but our main concern is to breed puppies of the correct temperament, and puppies that have the health and the strength, that this breed stands for.
We will in some cases be mating our females in Denmark, in an effort to bring in new blood-lines, and open more oportunities for future breeding within the US.
A puppy-buyer will become a "member of our family", as we will follow each and every dog through their entire lives. We want to know if a "Little Denmark pup" develops correctly in temperament and if they have health-issues. This on-going evaluation will help us in the breeding program, and secure the breed over-all, also in the future.

Mission Statement
It is our purpose to work over-all for the breed, Danish-Swedish Farmdog.
It is also our purpose to always consider the well-being of every dog we own, and every puppy we breed. It is our purpose to do the best possible for the breed in The US, working closely with other breeders and Danish-Swedish Farmdog owners, in Denmark and The US. It is our purpose to consider future generations of the breed in The US, while complying with guide-lines given by the Danish Breed Club, and subscribing to the code of ethics and complying with the breeding guidelines of DSFCA (Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of America in it's establishment stage). Two important examples are:
1. Only to work with dogs, approved(*) in the show ring for breeding.
2. Breeding within the guidelines, for genetic variety, to preserve the health in our breed.

It is our purpose to breed with the philosophy: "Quality, not quantity", which includes, but isn't limited to, emphasis on health, temperament, exterior and utility.

(*)Breeding approved meens, that a certified judge, at a public event, approves that the dog is qualifying, as being within the breed standard.
In Denmark, until December 31st, 2006, the dog must have obtained at least a "second place" ranking=blue ribbon.
In The USA, this equals that the dog must have received at least a "very good" ranking on the rating card, at an ARBA show.
In Denmark, from January 1st, 2007 and on, a dog must have been breeding approved at a special breeding approval arrangement, and can thereby no longer obtain breeding approval at a regular show.
In The USA the breeding approval criteria remain the same.

Our Promise

  • We will hold ARBA-registration of all our dogs, and will provide ARBA-registrations and ARBA pedigrees for all our puppies. We will hold membership in all relevant organizations.

  • We will show our dogs at ARBA-events, and when possible in Denmark, and only breed dogs, that are breeding approved.

  • We will always be honest and provide information about health-issues in all breeding questions.

  • We will do extensive research before picking a partner for our dogs, and we will keep records, open to other breeders, about information we might obtain during this research.

  • We will work to prevent "puppy-mills" from occurring, and if they do so, we will work hard to terminate them.

  • We will give all our puppy-buyers membership in DSFCA (Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club Of America) for the remainder of the membership year, in which they get their puppy, and we will encourage them to keep supporting DSFCA.

  • Puppy buyers will be carefully selected, and no Puppy will be sold without contract. Spaying/neutering will be mandatory, by contract, of dogs developing faults, making them in-appropriate for breeding.

  • Our puppies will be born and growing up in our home, as part of our family. They will be handled by people from birth, well socialized, and used to the sounds and activities in a normal household. No puppy will leave our home until 9 weeks of age.

  • We are committed to, and will be available for, assisting in any and all matters pertaining to a Danish/Swedish Farmdog we have bred, for the life of the dog.

  • We are, first and most, owners of our dogs as pets, and happy members of "The US Farmdog Family". We will terminate our breeding if we feel it is not serving our puposes, or keeping our promises, as listed above.

Rufus(In Denmark)
We will only breed to dogs, that are breeding-approved in the show ring.

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ARBAshow Nov02
We try to make it to this show in Claremont,CA, every year in November.

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We are happy members of "The US Farmdog Family".