Little Denmark's Annie Oakley, 6 1/2 mo old
Little Denmark's Annie Oakley, AKA Birkita 6 1/2 months old
Any rabbits out there?

Birkita, a spurt of energy...

Birkita is born by our Kikka here at Kennel Little Denmark's on March 24, 2006 at 11.04 AM.
Little Denmark's Annie Oakley is now called Birkita, which is a Celtic name, meaning strong.
Birkita has since the beginning lived up to both her names, she is a tough and strong little lady...both physically and mentally.
Everything in her life happens at what seems to be 200 miles an hour, whether it's the speed she moves with herself, or the speed with which she figures things out to her advantage, or the speed she learns at.
Add that nothing scares her, she doesn't have a worry in the world, and a strong will and mind, and you have a handful!
She loves life, and she never meets a stranger. She is a proud and self confident grand personality, yet still in a puppy "casing", so a pretty "full" package.
Birkita lives here in Cheyenne with our dear family member, Liz, who also has a sweet larger mixed breed gal' named Griz. Griz and Birkita are buddies, and were from "day 1", and Griz might be bigger, but Birkita is running the show, "Farmdog style".
Birkita has graduated from puppy class and is on her way to beginner's obedience, and she has mentioned, that when she's old enough, she'd like to play some agility.
Her best friends are Liz and griz, and then we'd have to mention Bailey. She would also like to "rub shoulders" with Max, who she likes to imagine that she is "buddying up with", however, we have yet to see that the feeling is mutual.
"Kita" is a spurt of energy and joy, and she's also a cuddler, loves attention and snuggles...last but not least, of course she sleeps in Liz's bed...what else?
Birkita was spayed in 2008, because we found that she conformation-wise did not live up to our expectations.
No reason to breed dogs, just because we can!
Birkita remains Liz' dog, and we will keep her page here on the site for a while yet.

Little Denmark's Annie Oakley, 5 1/2 mo old
Little Denmark's Annie Oakley, AKA Birkita 5 1/2 months old
Hey judge, wanna play?

November 2006 (7 1/2 months old) : Birkita showed in 4 ARBA shows, Hollywood Classic, in Claremont, CA. She won 1 Reserve Winners and 1 Winners Bitch.
One of the shows was the First Regional Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Judge Diane Anderson, USA, gave Birkita an "excellent" rating.

Birkita also showed in the specialty show along with her Sister Little Denmark's Calamity Jane and Mom Kikka, representing Little Denmark's in a Brood Bitch Class. The 3 of them together got an "excellent" rating and won the class for Little Denmark's.

September 2006 (5 1/2 months old) : Birkita showed in 3 ARBA shows, Rocky Mountain Classic, in Longmont, CO. One of the shows was the First National Breed Specialty by DSFCA.
Judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden, gave Birkita an "excellent" rating, and since she was the only puppy, she placed as Best of Breed Puppy in all 3 shows
In all 3 shows she further placed as group 1 puppy, and 2 times she won Best In Show Puppy, Reserve.

Snuggle w Bailey
Birkita after a long show day...
there's something about that Bailey, that is just SOOO comforting!

Birkita the puppy
A statement which comes to mind: The world is Birkita's, the rest of us just live in it, in order for her not to become too lonesome.
There is something about this puppy, which was obvious quite early on. She has a way of getting her way, and she has a way of associating herself with having many rights, also in regards to larger and older dogs. She is never scared, when they "tell her off", but handles situations with "appropriate submission", yet only for an instant, then she'll be right back at trying, never gives up.
"Kita" is just always happy, and especially when there is something going on. She has definitely inherited the "happy circles" racing spurts from her Mother, that's when the happiness just becomes so "big" inside, that it has to be let loose!
She likes to be a "good girl", and will try to please for a treat, she learns fast, but also has a mind of her doesn't hurt to "test" every now and then, because maybe the rules can be "bent".
She loves toys, and just like her Mother, she figures ball play rules are..."I have ball, you try to catch me". Free spirited, loving, snuggly, happy, and clever, and life is at her feet!

blooper 1
90% of pictures taken of Birkita turn out...

Blooper 2
...this way!!! However, these shots...

Blooper 3
...belong here, to tell how she is...FAST!

Birkita and Liz
Best friends
See? I love my Mom, she's mine!

Birkta and Griz
Birkita and Griz
Buddies from Day 1

Birkita and Griz w bones
"I'm a big dog now...
...I do exactly like my BIG Sis"

Tug of war
Mind over matters
Notice how Griz is just sitting calmly and merely holding her end!

Teeth check
"Let me see those teeth of yours...
...oh look how big they are...but mine are sharper!"

Birkita in the toys
Toy confusion...
"Hmm, which one was it I was going to play with...let's see...hmmm"

Bailey buddy
Bailey buddy
A puppy trusts it's gut feeling, and that Bailey is just a rock solid friend!

Birkita and Bailey
Inguiring minds wants to know
While Bailey is intensely waiting for the ball, Birkita has time to check on something else

Kikka Birkita and Maddy
Yeah, a family party!
Mama Kikka, Birkita and Auntie Maddy play

all sit
Group work
Sitting from left: Kikka, Griz, Maddy, Max, Bailey and Birkita

All down
Monkey see, money do...
with Birkita in the middle, the others show her down/stay

Birkita on the prairie
This is Birkita's world
and life is at her feet!