Bailey 2 1/2 years old
My Bonnie Perickles Perleloeg (Bailey), almost 2 1/2 years old
"Are you throwing that ball for me anytime soon?".

Bailey, "the soft man"....

Bailey is born June 2, 2003.
This Farmdog caught his first mouse when he was 12 1/2 weeks old!!! We can't say Bailey, without saying Max, the 2 of them have grown inseparable, where one is, the other is too.
Bailey is a big boy, but he thinks he is little, and can fit himself into any little spot for a snuggle.
He loves to hate Kikka, and hates to love her...the feeling is mutual, the 2 of them go toe to toe constantly, but seem to be such good buddies at the same time.
Fact is, that Bailey doesn't ever make enemies with anybody, his mild and sweet personality, attracts both people and other dogs in a quite special way.
In all the sweet, there is a stubborn personality, bones, balls, chews everything for dogs in this world does by definition belong to him, and he will be endlessly persistent to conquer all of it!
It is a common sight to see Bailey chew on a bone, while having another bone hidden under his body, and a third bone, which he is "holding" with his "free" paw. And he is generally not the least inclined to let either one of them go without resistence.
Bailey has an intense attention towards someomne playing with him or working with him, and he is always trying ever so hard, to do the right thing.
Sayings which match Bailey: Happy, loving, snuggling, stubborn, cuddly, "Mama-fixated", loyal, sweet, gentle, giving and forgiving, persistent, incredibly patient, funny, inventive, clever and FAST!
His best friends are without a doubt Max and his "people Mom", and 3rd: The rest of the world.
Lately he has developed a habit of intensely "washing" or rolling his tennis balls in the snow...he comes up with the funniest things all the time.
He never seems to quit wagging his happy tail, or more so his entire rear end.
Bailey is the most trustworthy, even around young and insecure puppies, so he plays an important part in socializing our puppies around other dogs.

Bailey, Lill and Max
Bailey, Lill and Max
Where one is, the other one is too, and of course, neither one can't ever be far from "people-Mom".

September 2006 (3 yrs and 3 mo.): Bailey showed in 3 shows at ARBA's Rocky Mountain Classic, Longmont, CO.
One of the shows was the First National Breed Specialty by DSFCA. Judge Lars Adeheimer, Sweden, gave Bailey an "excellent" rating, Bailey won the open male class of 6 dogs, and became the "Reserve Winners".
June 2005 (2 yrs old): Bailey showed in 4 shows at ARBA's Golden Gate Classic, Hayward, CA.
He won 3 times "Winners Dog", 1 time "Best Reserve" and 1 time "Best of Winners".
June 2004 (1 y old): Bailey showed in 4 shows at ARBA's Golden Gate Classic, Hayward, CA.
He won 3 times "Best Reserve" and 1 time "Winners Dog".
November 2003 (5 1/2 mo.): Bailey showed in puppy-class at ARBA's Hollywood Classic, Claremont,CA.
He was the only puppy, so he won his class in all 4 shows. In the group, he placed 2 times 3rd, and 2 times 2nd. Great job, for a first-timer!

Bailey after first show-day ever.
"Real men don't really care".

Bailey's wonderful personality
Bailey is very inquisitive and has a certain way of tilting his head, when he is spoken to, as if he is really dwelling by every word, listening intensely.
He has a very special effect on other dogs, big or small, troubled or not, he is capable somehow to spell "trust"...we have seen many a dog, which was uptight or having problems with other dogs, get around Bailey, and totally loosen up and just play with him. He has that effect on other dogs period.
He is also categorically denying to ever fight. Another dog may have Bailey cornered and be "all over him", yet Bailey hardly ever stands up for himself, just takes the punches, wagging his tail, and almost looks like he could care less, and says: "Hey, when you're done beating me up, can we play?"
He is very used to Max telling him who's boss, also at times in a rough manner, yet he has made him his best friend somehow. Bailey very much goes with the flow, and is endlessly happy to do so.
He hates, when he makes a mistake and is being corrected, and he wants to move on, make up, and forget as fast as possible.
He does some hysterically funny things sometimes, "making his bed" is a life-long project to him, and it is very funny to watch.
Bailey will play ball forever and ever, and his focus on the ball (or any other toy) is incredible. When he really lets loose to race, he goes low to the ground, and seems to be FLYING.
He is the "one in a million" Farmdog, who accepts a "leave it" command, when prey is present, which leads us to believe, that he must be one of the greatest people-pleasers possible.
We still don't know for sure, how the dead bird ended up in the back yard though...

Bailey sleep with bone
Never give in...
This is a very common sight, Bailey is sleeping, but still doesn't let the bone would be a sad day, if someone stole it, while he was dozing off.

Bailey dog beach
Dog beach, yahooo
"I can run, and run, and run, and run..."

Bailey and Max in motorhome
The boys at the races
"Camping is cool huh?"..."Yeah, camping is cool!"

Bailey w bone and toy
Toy hawk since puppy hood
He wasn't more than a puppy, when he developed the skill to lay on a toy and hold another one with his paw at the same time.

Max and Bailey sleep in car
Road trip...
Nothing like grabbing a snooze with a buddy on a long road trip

Dog rock
Dogs "rock"
4 friends, Bailey, Max, Kikka and Maddy

Not really sleeping
Bailey is not really sleeping
He is waiting for Max to move, so he can score his toy too...

Max and Bailey in water
Max and Bailey in the Pacific ocean
"Hmm, how do you suppose we get back on shore?".

Bailey with puppies
Bailey the play "uncle"
Bailey is absolutely trustworthy around puppies, and he a super puppy-socializer dog!

Bailey w little girl
Always making friends
If someone wants to play, Bailey is "game"

Bailey and Frisco
Frisco from SD
Frisco is yet another friend to Bailey

Bailey's Father
Alfred at Kennel My Bonnie in Denmark.

Bailey's Mother, My Bonnie Femina, AKA Foxy
A spunky, funny little dog, he doesn't have it from strangers!