Who are we?
We are a Danish/American couple. Helene is Danish, and lived in The USA from 1996 to 2010. Butch is American and has been a truck driver for Allied for over 35 years, but because his father also drove for Allied (from "day 1" in 1928) he has pretty much lived his life on the road, learning from his dad, since he was 7 years old.
We met in 1998, and we drove our truck together as a team for 8 years. Helene continued to work for Allied until 2010 but stayed more local in the last years. It was more convenient, because the dogs, their training, and activities take up a huge chunk of the sparetime. But our first 3 dogs, Maddy, Kikka, and Sussi were all raised as "trucker dogs" and life on the road was a big part of their lives.
We lived in Cheyenne, WY - Butch's home town. For years and years we traveled to and from Denmark to visit, also with the dogs, and after many years of talking about it, we finally moved to Denmark in 2010. We bought our house, and settled in the country side of Ringsted.
We rarely go anywhere, without our dogs.

I (Helene) grew up with dog breeding, dog shows, field trials, fox trials, and dog training, being my Mother bred Wire Haired Dachshunds for hunting, and my Dad hunted with them, and we also always had a larger breed dog for duck and pheasant hunting. So seen in the rear view mirror, perhaps it is not so far fetched, that I ended up with Kennel Little Denmark.

I have in 2007 attended and completed the Danish Kennel Club's breeder's course in Denmark.

Getting a dog (Maddy)
When Allied in 2000 decided to allow the drivers to bring a pet in the truck, we agreed, that we would like a little dog. We started looking for a breed, that would be a match for our life-style, and almost gave it up, as we pretty much needed "The Perfect Dog". Being around different customers and homes, their kids and pets, not to mention the long hours of driving, every day, would demand a combination of almost 10 breeds. For some reason, Helene looked again, and this time back home in Denmark, and realized, that the dog we were looking for, did not only exist, it happened to be Danish!
The decision was very easy. We talked to the Danish Breed Club, got in contact with a breeder, and anxiously awaited the birth of Maddy's litter in October 2001. By Christmas we picked her up in Denmark, and she has been with us ever since.
Maddy turned into the incredible kind of dog, which one will only be so lucky to enjoy having, once in a life-time!

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...And one more (Kikka)....
Maddy prooved to be everything we wanted - and then some. Maddy was a small dog, but had all the big dog quaities. As she grew up, we agreed on getting her a friend and play-mate.
We picked Kikka up in Denmark in April, 2003. Kikka is a half-sister to Maddy, as we wanted the good temperament, that was obviously inherited from Maddy's mother.
Maddy and Kikka are "Best Buds", and we often wonder what we did, before we had those two girls. Kikka has prooved, that we didn't JUST get "lucky" with Maddy. The qualities we fell for are truly what the breed stands for, every individual, even though they have very different personalities.

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...And they kept coming
At home we have 4 females living with us, Maddy, Kikka, Sussi, and Nikki.
Along with some friends and family, we have special interests in several other Danish/Swedish Farmdogs. Some of them, are of our own breeding.
My wish is, that the dogs I am responsible for, will live good and "rich" lives as family dogs. If it turns out, that the ones I have special hopes for can match into my breeding plans, it is great. But if not, they get to make a family happy, and are living good lives regardless.
That is why Bailey, Ranger, Birkita, and Greta, have each their own pages on my website, but they do not all live with us.

Completed DKKs breeder education
Has completed DKK's breeder education
Us in Yellowstone
Helene and Butch
Yellowstone summer 03, and YES, of course our girls were with us!

Helene 1969
Helene and the first litter of puppies I can remember
Wire haired Dachshund puppies, 1969

Maddy pup
Maddy checking out her "quarters" before travelling to The US, 2001.Mother (Mulan) makes sure she's ok.

Kikka pup
Kikka as pup 2003
Kikka is here 4 weeks old in Denmark. She's posing saying:"come and get me", so we did.

Bailey pup
Bailey as pup 2003
Bailey at around 7 weeks at "Kennel My Bonnie" in Denmark. Thanks Marianne, for letting The Paces get him!

Greta pup
Greta as pup 2005
Greta at 7 weeks of age here at Kennel Little Denmark's. She is Maddy's Daughter

Ranger pup
Ranger as pup 2006
Ranger at 5 weeks of age at "Kennel My Bonnie" in Denmark. Again, thanks Marianne, for letting him come to The USA!

Birkita pup
Birkita as pup 2006
Birkita at 7 weeks of age here at Kennel Little Denmark's. She is Kikka's Daughter

Daisy pup
Daisy as pup 2008
Daisy at 7 weeks of age. She is Ranger's daughter, and Kikka's Grand Daughter (by CJ)

Sussi pup
Sussi as pup 2008
Sussi at 7 weeks of age at Kennel Little Denmark's. She is Greta's Daughter and Maddy's Grand Daughter

Nikki 7 weeks
Nikki 7 weeks old, 2011
In 2011 we brought home My Bonnie Nøkkerose I Civil, to friends known as Nikki